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Alternate Reality

Authors: Zelisificat-N7S & ConsensusVoice

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The personal imprint was successful, and now all geth had independent free will. I made a backup copy of my personal files on the Normandy’s servers before arriving on Rannoch. It was wise. I looked at the lifeless Reaper hardware on the rocky ground and saw Shepard’s figure looking at it.

“Shepard Commander.” I said.

Synthia looked around with her eyes wide open. “Legion? But... I saw you die, after we killed that monster!” The Commander looked back at the dead Reaper, and then at me again.

“I made precautions, Shepard Commander. And now, my Tactical Cloak is fully functional.”

As I spoke, we heard the harvester stir behind us. “We need to get out from the beach!” Synthia shouted, bouncing back from her grief. “There! To the comm towers! We can regroup there with the rest of the team, and figure out how we will get back to the Normandy."

Synthia was already up. I saw a sniper rifle on the ground - I had never used this particular model before, but after I lost my Widow rifle in battle, it would have to do. I took one last look at the dead Reaper, and turned around. The Commander was already running towards the now functioning comm towers.

"You have some explaining to do,” Synthia added with a faint smile. I followed her with every intention of keeping her alive.

I followed her with all the intentions of keeping her alive.



Map: Firebase Keelah (Redemption Rannoch)
Difficulty: Gold or Platinum
Enemy: Reaper
Characters: Legion (the Geth Infiltrator), Synthia (human female vanguard)
Guns: Javelin for Legion and Geth Plasma Shotgun with incendiary rounds for Synthia.
Restrictions: No Armored Compartments, missiles on objective and extraction waves only.
Extraction: Yes


Squad1: SenorZanahoria & TheNightSlasher screen | video 1 | video 2


Squad1: Zelisificat-N7S & BuildingConsensus video

Squad2: SenorZanahoria & TheNightSlasher screen | video 1 | video 2

Squad3: TheNightSlasher & BuildinConsensus screen | video

Squad4: yvettee-N7S & SenorZanahoria video 1 | video 2

Squad5: Vormav-N7S, yvetteeeeeee-N7S video

Squad6: ExLo05-N7S, trigg-N7S video1 | video2

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