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Antiques Roadshow

Author: DrunkDriver10

Mass Effect N7S Logo 1920x1080.jpg



After the attack on the Citadel, Huerta Memorial Hospital's primary medi-gel supplier, the Sirta Foundation, sits on the precipice of bankruptcy. In order to aid Huerta and the war effort, Kasumi Goto has decided to donate the legendary M-12 Locust that "killed two presidents" to an auction to benefit the Sirta Foundation. This gun, which she obtained from Donovan Hock's vault on Bekenstein, will be auctioned off along with other priceless antique weaponry such as an M-7 Lancer from the First Contact War, and a Prothean Particle Rifle unearthed on Eden Prime. During the auction, EDI detects comm traffic indicating that the private event is about to be crashed by the private military organiztion CAT6, and the guns, stolen. Since personal weaponry is not allowed at this private event, Shepard, Kasumi and EDI are forced to improvise and fend off CAT6 forces using the very weapons that are up for sale.



Characters: 1x Vanilla Human (Shepard),
1x N7 Shadow Infiltrator (Kasumi), 1x Alliance Infiltration Unit (EDI).
Weapons: 1x M-12 Locust, 1x M-7 Lancer, 1x Prothean Particle Rifle. Everyone may also take an M-11 Suppressor if they wish.
Map: Firebase Trinity [NOTE: Map exploits should be avoided whenever relevant.]
Enemy: Rejects
Difficulty: Platinum
Special conditions: Armored Compartments not allowed.


Squad1: Suzanne-N7S (EDI), Standgeblase (Shepard), RedLightning-N7S (Kasumi) screen
Squad2: Charcolios (EDI), CrisRodgz-N7S (Shepard), heLLion-N7S (Kasumi) screen | video


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