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Biotic Training

Authors: Simulate-N7S and RedLightning-N7S

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With the war against the reapers ongoing the council needed all biotic squads available to assist. Often training took place outdoors where nothing could get harmed while testing the full force of their biotics. However, testing indoors is important so the trainees understand how to avoid harming structures with their biotics. One of the training exercises took place in an abandoned research facility where the squads could practice. A team of biotic trainees were dropped off for a training exercise at an abandoned facility. What nobody knew was that a small army of geth had arrived for their own mission to assist the reapers. While the trainees were unsure why the geth had arrived, they knew they had to stop them. Armed with a standard issue pistol none of them were properly trained to use and their biotics, they knew what they had to do. Undergeared and underprepared, it is up to the trainees to put their biotics to the test and help save the galaxy.



4 Players
Characters with any biotic powers (check Restrictions below for more details)
Map: Reactor Hazard / Glacier Hazard
Enemy: Geth
Difficulty: Platinum

-Players must have a predator pistol with a power amp equipped.
-Players can not fire their weapon
(You can rebind your fire key to prevent an accidental shot from invalidating your run).
-No non-biotic powers allowed.
-N7 Fury and Asari Valkyrie are not allowed.
-Each character must be different.
-No more than one Vanguard character class allowed.
-No missles allowed (with an exception for wave 10 targets, where 1 missle in total is allowed).
-No Melee Medals (including no grabs medal).
-3 waves survived medal.
-No Geth Scanner.


Squad1: meh-N7, Simulate-N7S, SteelWolf89, RedLightningN7S video


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