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Dont F with Aria

Author: RedLightning-N7S

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(the story is loosely based on Mass Effect 2)

Aria T'loak, ruler of the Omega space station, was enjoying yet another night at the Afterlife club when her assistant, Bray, approached her and nervously handed a datapad. He found some disturbing news through their spy networks. After reading it Aria became furious! Collectors were secretly building their base at the top of Omega's surface in its caverns and were sabotaging some of Aria's smuggling traffic – something she had previously thought was the work of other rival pirate gangs. Collectors find the station to be very suitable for their next invasion and converting it to a new Hive, which already began since Omega has a lot of salvagable tech, metals, element zero and it's strategically close to Omega Relay.
Aria ordered Bray to find her best engineers among the mercenaries who worked for her. A few moments later they found two talented Vorcha engineers. They made Aria new tech armor based on some illegal designs from black markets, although the armor wasn't perfect but it will last for at least one mission which was enough. The Vorcha also found themselves hired to push the Collectors back and to use their skills to repair Omega after, but they need to be very careful about damaging the infrastructure any further. Aria yelled in rage: "Those damned Collectors! Sneaking around on my turf! Argh! They will know soon enough that should not f* with Omega! Or better yet, this time I will tell them that myself: "DON'T F* WITH ARIA!"



Characters: 1x Asari Valkyrie (Aria), 2x Vorcha Engineers
Map: Firebase Condor
Difficulty: Gold / Platinum
Enemy: Collectors
• Gold: Scimitar, Katana or Eviscerator shotguns only for Aria.
Tempest SMG, Mantis and Viper sniper rifles only for Engineers.

• Platinum: Disciple shotgun only for Aria.
Revenant Assault Rifle, Blood Pack Punisher, Tempest SMG,
Viper and Mantis sniper rifles only for Engineers.

Special Conditions:
Video recording is required!

• Gold: Aria must have Tech Armor at Rank 1.
No rockets allowed for all, no Armored Compartments and no Geth Scanner.
Only engineers must do the Devices objective.

• Platinum: Aria must have Tech Armor at Rank 4.
Only engineers must do the Devices objective.
No Armored Compartments and no Geth Scanner.
No firing rockets on non-objective waves and extraction.
Firing two rockets in total is allowed while objective is active.
on Wave 10: firing 4 rockets in total is allowed while objective is active
and only one rocket after the objective is done.


Squad1: ConsensusVox-N7S, meh-N7S, RedLightning-N7S video1 | video2

Squad2: TheNightSlasher, SenorZanahoria, RedLightning-N7S video1 | video2 | video3

Squad3: TheNightSlasher, Shady, Vormav-N7S video


Squad1: TheNightSlasher, Vormav-N7S, SenorZanahoria video1 | video2

Squad2: TheNightSlasher, Shady, Vormav-N7S video

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