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Double Date Danger

Authors: TheNightSlasher and yvettee-N7S

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When Dr Kenson and her research team are compromised,
she reached out to the only friend she can trust for help.

The Collectors have gotten wind of Dr Kenson’s continued research on mass relays; while gathering findings to polish her hypothesis that the mass relays pre-date the Protheans, a handful of scientists were in the midst of calculating the impact force from destroying the relay itself. The calculus meant, at best, shutting an entire cluster system’s means of long distance space travel, at worst, the potential loss of all living entities within and near the relay. Somehow, they have gotten wind of the scientists' work, and the Collectors were eager to control the mass relays to keep military forces at bay, likely also out of fear that this knowledge would one day be used against them or the Reaper forces.

Dr Kenson’s team was doing what they could to protect the data and keep the Collectors at bay, but it was only a matter of time until the base was overrun. What made matters worse was the highly sensitive nature of her work – its contents were beyond normal red-tape levels of secrecy. Her hands were tied: if she didn’t have a friend within the top brass, her only option would have been to take years of research and findings to the grave. Luckily, she managed to find a secure, hidden channel to contact Admiral Hackett and inform him of her situation: the Collectors were now swarming her position and only a small infiltration team would be able to get in and out.

This would be one of the rare times that the Admiral made a decision with his heart. He made his mind up to go down there himself, but was unsure how best to do so. He couldn’t possibly go in alone, but he also couldn’t bring an entire platoon with him, as much as he wanted to. Weighing on his mind were two concerns: the secretive nature of the mission and the need for immediate action. It was better, as Dr Kenson had suggested, to go with a small team.

It eventually boiled down to the question: “Who can I trust to bring with me?” He considered other Alliance authority, but could not predict whether they would take kindly to the mission or trust them to stay quiet. Commander Shepard was already tasked to capacity with other urgent missions. Crossing names off mentally one by one, he paused to consider Captain David Anderson and decided to enlist his help, but was also quick to realise that he did not know anyone else he could trust to take with him.

He shared this final concern while briefing Captain Anderson on the mission. Expecting the Captain to ask probing questions or even reject the mission outright, Hackett was surprised when Anderson replied, “Admiral, if I may, I have just the person in mind for the mission.” …

…Dr Kahlee Sanders woke up the next morning with a strange, highly-redacted, highly-confidential mission brief for an in-and-out rescue operation waiting in her inbox.



Difficulty: Gold/Platinum
⁃ Admiral Steven Hackett (Any Human Male Character)
⁃ Dr. Amanda Kenson (Vanilla Human Female Engineer)
⁃ Captain David Anderson (Vanilla Human Male Soldier)
⁃ Dr. Kahlee Sanders (Vanilla Human Female Infiltrator)
Map: Firebase Dagger
⁃ Hackett: Any Weapon
⁃ Kenson: M-12 Locust / M-4 Shuriken
⁃ Anderson: M-6 Carnifex
⁃ Sanders: M-27 Scimitar
Enemy: Collectors
Special Conditions:
⁃ This challenge requires video submission.
⁃ Only Admiral Hackett can use Armored Compartments
⁃ Admiral Hackett must get the 75 Kills badge.
⁃ The 'Couples' can only revive each other: Hackett can only revive Kenson and vice versa; Anderson can only revive Sanders and vice versa.
⁃ Medigels are allowed


Squad1: SenorZanahoria, TheNightSlasher, yvettee-N7S, Sonashii video1 | video2 |video3

Squad2: bialakawa, ConsensusVox-N7S, eng59land, TheNightSlasher video

Squad3:biegoo-N7S , meh-N7S , Ody-N7S , RedLightning-N7S Video1|Video2

squad4: SiLenT N7S, Purple-N7S , e debs N7S, MidnightTheOx video


Squad1: Xingbar117, yyrael, LidsVids-N7S, Parag-N7S video

Squad2: yvetteeeeeee-N7S ,Prof_Boris-N7S, RedLightning-N7S, SenorZanahoria-N7S video

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