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Author: Avina-N7S

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The Reapers hit without warning. Earth took the front of the attack. But few of us remained behind. To protect and defend. To keep, what is left of Earth, free. Or die trying. Today each of you must become more than a soldier. And until the fleets return, you are the last line of defense. The Earth is ours! And if they want it, they'll have to go through us, together.



1: Where it all begins
Characters: 4x Humans vanilla (each different)
Map: Vancouver
Enemy: Reaper
Difficulty: Platinum

2: Alliance United
Characters: 4x Alliance character (each different)
Map: Rio
Enemy: Reaper
Difficulty: Platinum

3: The Last Hope
Characters: 4x N7 character (each different)
Map: London
Enemy: Reaper
Difficulity: Platinum

Reegar Carbine and Cerberus Harrier are not allowed in all three parts.


Squad1: Avina-N7S, AsariAzure-N7S, PolishKamaro-N7S, Just3ven-N7S screen 1 | screen 2 | screen 3
Squad2: CelticCookie-N7S, BadMojo-N7S, Minalia, Standgeblase screen 1 | screen 2 | screen 3
Squad3: Qven, Just3ven-N7S, RoystonVasey63, ValerioME3 screen 1 | screen 2 | screen 3

Squad4: PapaJester, aznitrous-N7S, Suzanne0980, Charlemagne007 screen 1 | screen 2 | screen 3

Squad5: h4LLion, CrisRodgz-N7S, yveska1, littlebird330 screen 1 | screen 2 | screen 3

Squad6:ItsMessenger-N7S,SlimygreenJello,Molderca-N7S, BergsterR6 video1|video2|video3


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