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Escape 3

Authors: RedLightning-N7S, Bingbangpoe-N7S

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The Shadow Broker, through their own network of spies, has found alarming information regarding Niacal, an Asari planet in the Orisoni System. The spies' report states that the Reapers have built something unusual there, and that many Asari went missing near this structure. Niacal is widely known for its sunny weather, lush forests, and Asari-owned companies. Most important of all, however, is the fact that Niacal is home to many R&D labs run by the Asari government. The Shadow Broker came to the conclusion that the Reapers were interested in the new tech contained in these labs.

Suspecting that their on-site agents have already become indoctrinated, the Shadow Broker hired one of the galaxy's most renowned agents specializing in recon and infiltration: Kasumi Goto, who, in addition to her expertise with hacking electronics, can aquire important technology thought lost or stuck deep in enemy territory. She was accompanied by one of the Broker's trusted agents: Feron, an information broker that underwent combat training at the start of the Reaper War. Their mission was to investigate the strange structure and its surroundings, to find and scan any unusual technology.

Such a delicate operation required further assistance, and the Alliance Navy sent its light cruiser, the SSV Perugia, to help reach the location safely and avoid detection. After landing, Kasumi and Feron stealthily approached the Reaper base. There was a creepy, yet calm presence in the area, and the two were surprised to find that most of the labs were still intact. However, a very strange hum of powerful energy could be heard everywhere, and a red aura was faintly glowing above a few transformed buildings. This resembled a combination of both Geth and Reaper tech, fused together grotesquely, with metallic spike extensions all over. Some were overheating, giving off bright blue and orange lights, others pulsating with energy.

Watching each other's back as they proceeded to sneak in past the metallic fence, the pair quickly spotted indoctrinated Asari working in the nearby building used for labs. They ducked into air vents to spy on them, and discovered that these Asari were working with the Collectors to develop enhanced stasis fields for their seeker swarms. Realising how dangerous this was, Kasumi hacked one of their computers to steal all the research data and sabotaged it. Unfortunately, she was eventually discovered by Geth Hunter guards patrolling the area. With a loud shriek, the indoctrinated Asari sounded the alarm. The two agents were quickly surrounded by Reaper, Collector, and Geth forces, and even a few indoctrinated humans that did not manage to escape in time. Now, Kasumi and Feron must fight for their lives to escape...



1x N7 Shadow without Electric Slash power (Kasumi Goto),
1x Drell Infiltrator without Recon Mine power (Feron).
Weapons and Ammo:
• M-23 Katana, M27-Scimitar or M-22 Eviscerator shotguns and M-12 Locust SMG for N7 Shadow,
must equip both weapon classes, Armor Piercing ammo only.
• M-97 Viper or M-29 Incisor sniper rifles and M-5 Phalanx pistol for Drell Infiltrator,
must equip both weapon classes, any ammo.

Map: Firebase Goddess
Enemy: Collectors
Difficulty: Platinum only

Special Requirements: Rockets allowed only on objective waves and extraction,
Geth Scanner and Batarian Gauntlet gear not allowed.


Squad1: TheNightSlasher-N7S & RedLightning-N7S video


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