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Grenade Lovers Unite

Author: SanjarN7

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Throughout this Reaper War, troops all across the galaxy are suffering through the protracted, desperate fighting against a near-unending stream of enemies. One of the few modes of entertainment available to raise morale in the brief downtime between battles can be found in following favorite extranet streams.

Ever since Commander Shepard's victory in a series of highly-publicized Armax Arsenal Arena challenges, the arena's combat simulator has dominated the ratings as the galaxy's most popular streaming service. Soldiers and civilians alike tune in to see their enemies crushed and to pick up fighting techniques and tactics from the galaxy's greatest warriors. The danger is fake, but the excitement is real!

The Citadel Tourist & Visitor Board has sponsored a new challenge in the Arena focusing on combatants' use of grenades to kill enemies. Weapons manufacturers have developed a wide variety of grenade types to combat Reaper forces: cluster, frag, multi-frag, inferno, arc, homing, lift, sticky -- which grenade type will prove superior? How can they be combined for maximum destruction?

TIME TO FIND OUT. Sign your squad up now for a competitor's path in the Grenade Challenge, where athletes are not allowed to use conventional weapons, but only grenades, hand-to-hand combat, and any inherent biotic/tech/combat powers they happened to have developed.

Whether viewers are tuning in from home or from a foxhole on the front lines, show them how it's possible to run out of thermal clips and still win with handheld explosives -- not only for crowd control, but to deal deadly damage against enemy super-elites. Help us lift the spirits of all species as we show those Reapers who this galaxy truly belongs to.

As always, thank you for choosing Armax. See you in the sim!




Characters: 4 Grenadiers (Grenade classes only):
Adepts: Drell, Batarian Slasher
Soldiers: Human, Krogan, BF3, Batarian, N7 Destroyer
Engineers: Quarian Male, N7 Demolisher, Turian Saboteur
Sentinels: Krogan, Vorcha
Infiltrator: Quarian Female, Quarian Male, Drell Assassin
Vanguard: Drell, Asari

Map: Any of the Armax Arsenal Arena maps on the Redemption mod:
Wingman, Blasteroid, Spin Zone, Prime Evil, Armax Classic, Pain Train, Brimstone, Fatal Error

Weapon/gear restrictions: No gun shooting allowed: only powers, melee, and grenades can be used to kill enemies. Any medals earned for Assault Rifle Kills, Shotgun Kills, etc. will disqualify your team -- this is not a shoot-out, it's a grenade celebration! Recommended gear: Grenade Capacity V. Get ready to put those Thermal Clip packs to good use!

Enemy: Any
Difficulty: Gold or Platinum



Squad1: JadeDragonMTR-N7S, ExLo05-N7S, trigg-N7S, TheNightSlasher-N7S video1 | video2 | video3 | video4

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