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Jenkins Last Stand

Author: Bingbangpoe-N7S

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[This Challenge is a "What If?" scenario regarding the Prologue Mission of Mass Effect 1]

Commander Shepard and his crew were assigned a mission on Eden Prime to accompany the Turian Spectre, Nihlus Kryik, to investigate and retrieve the mysterious Prothean Beacon, repel the Geth forces, and find more about the mysterious alien-looking ship that attacked the colony.

Unfortunately, Corporal Richard L. Jenkins was shot down by Geth troopers soon after the ground team lands on the surface. Unbeknownst to Commander Shepard and Lieutenant Alenko, Jenkins survived the shots, and was woken up by Dr. Warren and her assistant Manuel - a pair of scientists who helped excavate the Beacon. Jenkins is treated with medi-gel and put back on his feet.

The two scientists explained to the Corporal that there were still Geth in the area being drawn to the Beacon, and that Commander Shepard and his team were headed towards them. Despite not being fully healed, Jenkins knew that it was only a matter of time before the Commander was overwhelmed by Geth forces. Corporal Jenkins made a grim decision: with the help of the two scientists, he would make Eden Prime, his birthplace, his last stand.



Characters: Male Human Soldier (Jenkins), Female Human Engineer (Dr. Warren),
Male Human Engineer (Manuel)
Map: Firebase Hydra
Enemy: Geth
Difficulty: Gold or Platinum

Special Requirements:
• Jenkins is not required to extract at the final wave.
• Jenkins, Dr. Warren and Manuel can only use basic starter weapons (Avenger, Predator, Katana, Mantis and Shuriken). No restriction on equipment and gear.
• Jenkins is allowed to use any type of weapon, while Dr. Warren and Manuel must use Submachine Guns and/or Heavy Pistols.
• Devices objective can only be done by Dr. Warren.
• Retrieve objective can only be done by Jenkins.
• Cobra Missile Launcher can only be used on objective waves and extraction.


Squad1: meh-N7S , S3nt1nel-N7S , RedLightningN7S video

Squad2: biegoo-N7S, TheNightSlasher-N7S, Simulate-N7S video


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