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King of The Jungle

Author: yvettee-N7S

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The Reaper war had many troopers comparing kill counts and dramatic feats of violence. Of course, there was no proper avenue or standardised test available for this kind of evaluation. That is... until now!

Putting the matter to rest once and for all, the Armax Arsenal Arena's developers and producers are holding a new, limited-time only competition to figure out: "Who is the biggest, baddest, bloodiest soldier of battlefields?"

This sensationalist competition was met with overwhelming response and thousands of applications across the galaxy. Hours upon hours of casting calls and suitability determinations later, three beefy characters are shortlisted to fight for the title in a muggy, murky jungle with every possible enemy type programmed:

First, a Krogan Warlord. A little known fact about him was that while training to becoming a warlord, our big boy here was moonlighting as a pro-wrestler in the backstreets of Tuchanka. He eventually had to be removed from this latter profession because of two reasons: he kept bringing a hammer into the ring (where did he even get that!?), and his fans were getting too difficult to manage (stop harassing the referee!). Despite how it ended, you can still hear him laughing loudly and cheering himself on while flinging bodies around—a habit he kept from those old days.

Second, a Geth Juggernaut. This Prime unit is, quite clearly, the tallest thing the enemy will encounter on the battlefield. It also has quite a grip. Friends and ‘family’ often boast about his many, many victories in arm wrestling competitions. Practically, this means that our Geth will easily make a mockery out of most enemy types, so long as they’re within its range. No one is really brave enough to ask the Juggernaut whether it derives entertainment from sweeping and beeping through hordes of enemies. Then again, it is participating in this ‘contest’ for a reason…

Last, but certainly not least, is a certified N7 Destroyer. His gruff voice and take-no-prisoner attitude has earned him several nicknames (most of them involving profanities), but no one can deny that he certainly knows his stuff. Some say that he has managed to singlehandedly stop an entire Batarian battleship with just a dented spoon. Others say that he was able to stomp completely through a brute’s spinal cord, killing it instantly. That’s the thing about rumours—they’re always bombastic, but you can’t help wondering why they came about in the first place. Maybe there’s a nugget of truth somewhere there about his spoon expertise or killer footwear.



Difficulty: Gold or Platinum
Characters: The 3 ‘buff buddies’, namely:
1x Krogan Warlord
1x Geth Juggernaut
1x N7 Destroyer Soldier
Map: Armax Prime Evil (Redemption DLC mod)
Enemy: Any
Weapons: Any except Reegar
Special Conditions:
⁃ No armored compartments.
⁃ On Gold, rockets are restricted to objectives and extraction.
⁃ At least 1 player must get the 25 weapon kills medal.
⁃ At least 1 player must get the 10 melee kills medal.
⁃ At least 1 player must get the 10 headshot medal.


Squad1: SenorZanahoria-N7S, TheNightSlasher-N7S, Sonashii video 1 | video 2 | video 3


Squad1: JadeDragonMTR-N7S, trigg-N7S, ExLo05-N7S video1 | video2 | video3

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