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Light Speed Drells

Author: ConsensusVox-N7S

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"So, rumors say, you want to be our bassist?" the tallest and the greenest drell said.

The human gulped. Probably that wasn't the best idea, -- trying to get a job in one of the most famous music bands. They were "Light Speed Drells", after all. The brightest psychodrellic rock stars. Being a human, trying to play with them as their bassist... wasn't that too arrogant?..

"I didn't hear your answer," the tallest drell said. He was their vocalist, and the human heard enough gossip about his bad temper.

"Ye... yes," the human replied, with slightly trembling voice.

"Alright!" The vocalist smiled unexpectedly. "But, if you want to play and travel with us, you need to have really strong health. You know how hard the star's life can be: crowds of fans, revelries, all the stuff. And, as you can imagine, we prefer traditional drell drinks. So, we need to test you first."

"To test?.." the human repeated hesitantly.

"Yes," the second drell, their drummer, said. "Here you go: have a drink!"

The human received a goblet with a strange, layered, blue green and white, drink.

"This is one of the most famous drell cocktails," the third drell, the guitarist, said. "It contains a tiny part of a drell skin scale. Take it!"

The human had no choice but to empty the goblet.

"How do you feel?" the vocalist asked.

"Oh goodness..." the human said, breathing heavily, "I see... bees... A lot of them. And... crabs! Flying crabs! What have you done?!"

"Easy, easy," the drummer smiled. "Haven't you ever heard that our skin scales are hallucinogenic?.."

* * *

"Wake up," the guitarist whispered. "All's well. Tell us, what did you see?"

"Oh... my head..." the human moaned, lying on the luxurious carpet." I was... pink. There was chaos everywhere. We were slapping monsters. They were exploding. All of us were dying and coming back to life, again and again. And you, guys, all three of you... oh goodness! You were... you were..."

"We were what?" the drummer asked.

"You were absolutely naked!!!"

The vocalist burst out laughing. He helped the human to get up and solemnly declared:

"You passed the test!"



Map: Firebase Goddess
Enemy: Collectors
Difficulty: Gold or Platinum
Characters: 3 Drells (each different), 1 any vanilla human (male or female)
Weapons: any

Special Requirements:
Video recording is required for this challenge!

All teammates must be "naked" (no ammo bonus, no armor bonus, no weapon bonus). Only Gear slot is allowed (Grenade Capacity, Geth Scanner etc.).

All drells need to use colors as close to their skin color as possible.
A human needs to use pink color as a basic one.

During the match, teammates must do:
- at least 1 melee Praetorian kill (no matter who does the final hit);
- at least 3 melee Scions kills (no matter who does the final hit);
- a human needs to be self-killed at least once by nuking possessed a-bomb nearby, killing at least 1 drell at the same time;
- Lone Survivor medal is required, -- only a human must extract.


Squad1: prince-N7S, TheNightSlasher, SnowChickenLord-N7S, ConsensusVox-N7S video

Squad2: bialakawa, ConsensusVox-N7S, eng59land, TheNightSlasher video


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