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Melee Effect

Author: Azure Blink (Seri Ray) and Pink Blusher (WiteXRan)

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Milky Way is in the middle of war with the Reapers. It is getting harder and harder, more and more systems are plunged into chaos as the Reaper forces advance. From a little spark, the battle at the Citadel has turned into a blazing fire.
Species of the galaxy are fighting for survival, their very existence. Between countless battles, tired people are trying to catch a small breath, mostly in bars. They want to drown their sorrows in music, dance and alcohol. At Dark Star Lounge around one of the tables sat Volus and Krogan. Large warrior seemed very irritated, something was bothering him.
"And again we need to put our lives on the line to protect you! Without Krogans this galaxy would be doomed."
- growled enormous battlemaster.
"I don't think so..." - answered Volus - "You're doing a lot of good work, but it's not only Krogans that are fighting."
"None of you can withstand as much as we. Sooner or later, you all will need our help. Turians are holding with their discipline, asari thanks to biotic capabilities but it's only a matter of time..."
"Do you think you are invincible?" - asked the little one.
"No, but we are the peak of evolution where it comes to raw strength and endurance!"
"Physical strength is useful, but it is not the key to win a war." - stated Volus - "Tactics, technology, speed of reaction, infintration, those are the answers to our problems."
"Said someone that can't even defend his homeland." - said Krogan with disapproval.
Volus seemed offended with this sentence. Although they are not so powerful as other races, they are proud of what they have achieved.
"What do you mean?" - he asked with a slight anger in his voice - "Thousands of our people die on Irune while fighting the Reapers."
"Turians are doing most of the work. That's pathetic!"
Volus was starting to "boil" inside of his suit.
"Admit it! Your species are terrible at fighting... You're just..."
"They will never take Irune! I will kill them with my own hands if I have to!" - shouted little guy with such energy that Krogan got a bit shocked.
After a few seconds of silence large warrior said:
"Ok. Prove it. You and other races! Asari, humans, turians, prove it!"
"I will prove it!" - said Volus with astonishing confidence.
Krogan seemed to like it. The way Volus responded. He know that he striked his companion right into the feels.
"Go into the battlefield." - warrior from Tuchanka continued - "Let the rage fill your heart and use it to decimate those, who threaten your existence! No weapons or fancy tricks. Just raw physicall power! May your battle cry be heard in all of the Milky Way. Show those synthetics that we organics are superior to them! We have created them and
we have the power to end them!"
"Yes! I will do it! And you...! You...! As I stand right here! You will show me respect! All of us!"
Krogan was very amused with Voluses energy. He started laughing and said:
"That's the spirit! Go little guy. Take your friends and destroy our enemies! I actually think that you may even succeed and get out of this alive. Come back here when the fight is over. I want to hear it and bring one of their heads as a proof! I may even buy you a drink after all of this!"



DUO: 1x Volus and choose either Cabal, Human Soldier
Asari Huntress or Turian Ghost.
TRIO: 1x Volus and choose either Human Infiltrator, Cabal,
N7 Shadow, N7 Slayer, N7 Paladin or Asari Huntress
QUAD: 2x Voluses and choose either Human Infiltrator,
N7 Shadow, N7 Slayer, Asari Huntress or Turian Ghost
Map: Any map (map exploits should be avoided)
Enemy: Geth
Difficulty: Gold
Special Conditions: All characters must use Batarian Gauntlet and must have full melee training! (All powers to Melee bonus)
Only melee kills are allowed! (Heavy and Light Melee +Grabs)
Drones and Turrets must be killed only with melee too.

Rockets may used only on Geth Primes marked
by Targets Objective, killing anyone near them is OK.

Adding melee bonuses with weapons and gear is OK.
No firing at enemies!

Powers: Only Stim Packs, Biotic Focus, Adrenaline Rush,
Volus Shield Boosting and Tactical Cloak are allowed.
Biotic Charge and Shield Drain are allowed but they
must be used only for shields when needed, no kills with them.
Shadow Strike, Biotic Orbs, Poison Strike are not allowed.

In case if any enemy gets stuck on ladder or in the wall and
it's unreachable by melee from anywhere, then it's allowed to use the rocket or a weapon to kill it.
! Video must be recorded for this challenge !



Squad1: Standgeblase & RedLightning-N7S screen | video
Squad2: AzureBlink & Asriel_th_Flowey screen | video

Squad3: princeofthornsam, bialakawa, TheNightSlasher, ConsensusVox-N7S video

Squad4: biegoo-N7S, Moghu video

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