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My New Shiny Geth

Author: Twilistere-N7S

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"And the lot number 38, for the modified M-7 Lancer, goes to 'Buyer 11'!"

The Volus in the third row was actively failing to hide his enthusiasm. The M-7 Lancer was a collectible he's been trying to hunt down for couple years and he'd finally managed to have some success. Yes, it was modified, worn-out, questionable condition M-7 Lancer, but it was still an M-7 Lancer nonetheless: a rare and valuable human engineering novelty sought after by weapon enthusiasts all over the galaxy. The bad condition the gun was at least in some way accounted by the fact that some money was saved. All in all the trouble of getting to the Black Market auction in Alliance space was paying off.

The Volus' little bubble of fantasies about the newly acquired toy was popped by an announcement. "Now to the next lot, never before seen in such a great condition outside of Quarian space, an inactive, but almost fully intact Geth platform! Starting bid is one million credits!"

Now that was an opportunity that could not be missed. An intact Geth?! Unheard of! Now the Volus was not even trying to hide his enthusiasm, he was trying to hold his number plate in hands, shaking from excitement. Not an extra second of hesitation later, he says, "*pfff* Two and a half million!"

A visibly annoyed young Quarian was hiding in the dark room adjacent to the auction hall.
"Bosh'tet, if I just had any idea where my curiosity would get me, I'd shoot myself before even starting that damned Pilgrimage. Damn Cerberus, that Geth belongs to Migrant Fleet! Damn me, I didn't even know about that Cerberus a week ago! Damn that stupid pistol that misfired and now I have to hide! Damn that damn Pilgrimage!"

Her moment of desperation was interrupted by the angry Volus noises from the corridor.

"Careful, you idiots, I don't want *pfff* any damage to that Geth!"

The Quarian carefully looked outside, in the hallway she saw that very Geth that led her to the situation she was in, being carried by two guys from the auction security team, but to her surprise, the angry buyer didn't look like he had anything to do with Cerberus.
The spark of hope was yet again alive, fuelled by the young Quarian's ever-growing interest in Geth technology, and she was not going to let this newfound chance get away.

"Did you secure the package?"

"I'm sorry, boss, we, we had some complications..."

"What kind of complications? Most people there know to not get involved in Cerberus business."

"I'm very sorry, we just got outbid by a Volus..."

"What Volus?!? What damned Volus?!? You had one job, just one. It was an easy job. Just buy MY Geth from MY auction at MY venue with MY money. How can there be ANY complications?"

"I'm truly sorry, there's nothing I could do, we didn't expect the Volus to..."

"I don't need excuses. I need the Geth! I wanted to do this nice and clean to avoid the Alliance breathing down my neck... I'm sending a team over there. You're dismissed."

The communicator went silent in the shaking hands of a Cerberus officer.

"Sorry to bring more bad news, but our 'illusive friend' is not the only one who isn't very happy with you. Very unfortunate." - came a voice from a dark corner in the room.

"Hey! Why did you *pfff* stop?" The Volus was staring rather judgmentally at the auction's security guards who had suddenly stopped. He tried calling them again, but they just seemed to ignore him. A few moments later, they dropped the Geth and ran back hastily towards the auction house, paying zero attention to the protesting Volus they left behind.

As soon as the guards were no longer in sight, a Quarian randomly appeared in front of the Volus.

"Do you, maybe, need help with that Geth, probably?"

"No I don't. I don't know who you *pfff* are or what you want, but that Geth is mine."

"Oh, I just want to help. I am an engineer and I can offer you to fix that Geth if you promise to let me study it."

"Fix it?"

"Yes, maybe even activate it. Make it run around. Or dance. Or something. Please, can I?"

"Do you want any *pfff* payment for that?"

"As I said, all I want is for you to promise I can study it. Please. Please?"

While the Volus was processing the weird Quarian's offer, they heard a smooth voice. "If I were you, my friends, I wouldn't waste any time standing here, it's going to get pretty messy pretty soon."

They turned around to see a shady-looking Drell approaching them.

"Is it why those *pfff* idiots just ran away?"

"Oh, no, they ran back because one of the moneybags got killed. Security's just mad, running around screaming to find the killer. Must be one skilled fellow, to do such a clean job, it does take some class. In regards to your situation, though, if you don't hurry, you risk being a second corpse tonight, my little friend. Some people don't seem very happy with your shopping exploits."

"What do you mean by that? I *pfff* won the lot fair and square."

"Oh yes, you did. But do you want to bet on humans playing fair?"

"Are you talking about Cerberus? They smuggled that Geth here. Are you saying Cerberus is after us now?" The Quarian butted in nervously.

The Volus stood there in visible confusion for a minute, then looked back up at the Drell.

"100,000 credits."

"100,000 credits?"

"100,000 credits on your *pfff* account if you're not lying and we *pfff* make it out alive."

The Drell smirked. "I guess today is a very lucky day for both of us. Start moving, there's an armory nearby. Very poorly guarded at the moment, we should be very thankful to whomever that mysterious killer guy might be."

The Volus turned back to the quarian.

"So *pfff*, you said you can get the geth *pfff* running?"



Map: Dagger Hazard
Enemy: Cerberus
Difficulty: Platinum
Volus engineer OR Volus sentinel (must not have more than 3 ranks in shield boost,
must fully spec into 2 other powers).
Geth engineer OR Geth juggernaut (must not have more than 3 ranks in fitness,
must fully spec into turret and hunter mode/hex shield).
Quarian female engineer(must fully spec into turret and cryo blast).
Drell assassin(must fully spec into mine).

Volus can use Lancer with level 1 amp OR weapon from the list.
Geth can only use Pulse rifle, Plasma smg, Spitfire with level 1 amp (juggernaut only) or Plasma shotgun with level 1 amp (engineer only).
Quarian can use Arc pistol with level 1 amp OR weapon from the list.
Drell can only use Mantis, Viper or Suppressor.
Characters can only carry one weapon.
Same weapon cannot be used by more than one character.
Level 2 and 3 weapon amps are not allowed with Lancer, Arc pistol, Spitfire and GPS.
Weapon List: Locust, Hornet, Mattock, Eviscerator, Scimitar, Carnifex, Phalanx, Raptor

Special conditions:
Volus can't use medi-gel (he's paying for protection, after all, just do your job).
Geth can't have ANY equipment in armor bonus and gear bonus slots
(damaged platform can't have optimal performance).
Quarian must use Power amp in armor bonus slot and
any equipment with tech damage boost in gear bonus slot.
Quarian must have 25 tech kills medal(silver).
Drell must use Power amp/Adrenaline module/Stabilization module in armor bonus slot.
Drell must use Targeting VI in weapon bonus slot.
Drell must get 20 headshots medal(gold).

Devices can only be done by quarian or geth.
Volus can't do pizza run.
Drell must have final blow on all of the targets.

Armored compartments are not allowed.
Geth scanner not allowed.
Firing rockets is allowed only on objective waves and during extraction.


Squad1: ExLo05, princeofthornsam, Shady, ConsensusVox-N7S video

Squad2: Shady, princeofthornsam, TheNightSlasher, ConsensusVox-N7S video


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