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Pizza Time - Quarians and Asari

Author: Bingbangpoe-N7S

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The Reaper War has been devastating the Milky Way, and our valiant soldiers cannot fight with an empty stomach! The Vem Osca Pizzeria delivers the most delicious pizzas in the universe, anywhere, at any given time! Our restaurant is located in the Citadel, at heart of the Wards, and has been nominated five times as the "Best Exotic Restaurant" in the Citadel!
Our menu is diverse and includes over 200 flavors to fit the likings of all different species, including dextro-amino based pizzas for turians and quarians!
We use special pizza boxes that employ tiny mass effect fields to keep your meal hot and fresh through the whole trip! Our delivery-men take their job very seriously and will go through any danger to deliver the pizza!
We now deliver our pizzas to the darkest depths of the galaxy, where no one would dare to step! A true redemption for your tastebuds!

Order now through your Omni-Tool! Just access the Citadel Food Hub app!

1. After Rannoch finally gained its freedom from the Reaper-controlled Geth, they felt it was time to celebrate with the best pizza in the Citadel. However, a small fleet of Geth that was still under control of the old machines attacked once again. But that won't stop our intrepid delivery boy!

2. The loss of Thessia took a huge toll on the Asari. Many dealt with grief by compulsively eating. However, they couldn't count with an old enemy, the Collectors, attacking nearby colonies to harvest the Asari for their biotics. Will our delivery boy be able to complete his mission without being harvested too?



Delivery Mission Rannoch: Keleven & Nutrient Paste with Burgat Crust pizza
Characters: Volus Mercenary Sentinel, Quarian Female Engineer, Quarian Male Infiltrator, Quarian Soldier
Map: Firebase Hydra / Firebase Keelah (Redemption DLC)
Enemy: Geth

Delivery Mission Thessia: Calamari Gumbo with Asari Honey Marinade pizza
Characters: Volus Mercenary Sentinel, Asari Adept, Asari Valkyrie Sentinel, Asari Huntress Infiltrator
Map: Firebase Goddess / Firebase Trinity (Redemption DLC)
Enemy: Collectors

Rules and Restrictions:
- The challenge can be completed in Gold or Platinum.
- Video recording is required!

- The Pizza Delivery-Volus can only use the Geth Spitfire, which will serve as the pizza (for the reduced movement speed). Because of that, the Volus is forbidden from running so he doesn't damage the pizza.

- Retrieve and Disable objectives can only be done by the Volus.
- The Volus is not allowed to use the Cobra Missile Launcher.
- Only the Volus is required to Extract at the end of the match.


Squad1: Starick , SnowChickenLord-N7S , Yurui-N7S , SteelWolf89-N7S video1A video1B | video2A video2B | video3A video3B | video4A video4B

Squad2: SiLenT N7S, SteelWolf89, Purple-N7S,                      e debs N7S videoA | videoB


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