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Pouring Rain

Author: ConsensusVox-N7S

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The Reapers' Invasion ended long ago, and two sentient species on Rannoch live in peace. Quarians don't need to wear their hermetic suits anymore. Young quarians still do their Pilgrimage. Nowadays, it means a wonderful journey across the Galaxy for them, but they don't travel alone. Most of them have friends among geth, so they make these journeys together. The new Pilgrimage also means that a young quarian needs to see and learn something new, and they also need to help someone in any way.

One of these quarians comes to Benning and finds out that there are still Cerberus' remains there. They are no more a powerful organization, like they were before, rather they are scavengers, but they are still a threat for civilians.

Protecting civilians is a good way to complete the Pilgrimage: quarians and geth are incredible engineers and infiltrators, and when they work together, teams like that can be definitely unstoppable. Once again, the quarian has to wear the sealed suit, because there are toxic rains on Benning. Once again, the geth unit needs to protect the Creator, and, if necessary, can even sacrifice the platform, because it can be easily fixed or re-assembled by the quarian.



Characters: 1 Geth (any), 1 Quarian (any)
Weapons: Geth must use only geth weapons, Quarian can use any, but quarian weapons are preferable.
Map: Ghost Hazard
Enemy: Cerberus
Difficulty: Platinum only
Missiles can be used on objective and extraction waves, also to prevent sync-kills. Full extraction is preferable, although only the quarian must extract anyway.


Squad1: ConsensusVox-N7S & Shady-N7S  video

Squad2: TheNightSlasher & SenorZanahoria  video

Squad3: bialakawa & ConsensusVox-N7S  video

Squad4: Laxximus-N7S & KadanZeli-N7S video

Squad5: eng59land & JadeDragonMTR-N7S video

Squad6: SiLenT N7S & MidnightTheOx video

Squad 7: Vormav-N7S & yyrael-N7S video 1 | video 2

Squad 8: SiLenT N7S & Lord 0f Bricks N7S video

Squad9: zapfacid-N7S, Gran_Calc-N7S video 1 | video 2

Squad10: SiLenT N7S & e debs N7S video

Squad11: meh-N7S & Gran_Calc-N7S  video

Squad12: biegoo-N7S & Simulate-N7S video


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