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Retro Soldiers

Author: Yurui-N7S

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Tucked away in Omega, the Buumar —an up and coming mercenary group selling their services during the Reaper war— were conducting their last recruitment exercise of the year.

Soldier: "Sir, the first few applicants have arrived."
Recruitment officer: "Good. Let them in."

A squad of Asari adepts enters.

Recruitment officer: "So, tell me: why should I hire all of you?"
Asari: "We are some of the best graduates from Attena Academy. All of us are excellent Adepts with a good amount of combat experience."
Recruitment officer: "Adepts?! You do that 'biotic stuff'!?"
Asari: "Uhm… yes...?"
Recruitment officer: "You can get out. I don't need any flashy magical fools blinding my elite soldiers. NEXT!"

The Asari squad leaves, and in comes a group of Salarian engineers.

Recruitment officer: "What’s this now? Engineers? Is this a joke?! After those biotics you give me these tech freaks? I need real soldiers and not some clown showing off his magic tricks. You can immediately get out!"
Salarian: "But sir--!"
Recruitment officer: "Get out, skeleton-man!"

The Salarian squad leaves.

Assistant: "Are you sure you don't even want to hear them out? They would have been great help for our men."
Recruitment officer: "I don’t care. Show me who's next? I bet you've got some dumb, reckless Sentinel jocks who can’t even survive a minute the moment their tech armor breaks!"
Assistant: "No, sir. The next group is a squad of human soldiers. I think you'll find them quite impressive."
Recruitment officer: "Finally! Some good old proper military training without the frills. Something I can work with. COME IN!"

The Human squad enters.

Recruitment officer: "Let me cut to the chase. What can you contribute to the team?"
Human: "We've got some of the best graduates, trained in the usage of Marksman and Adrenaline Rush."
Recruitment officer interrupts: "Marksman? Adrenaline Rush? And you guys call yourself soldiers? You probably don’t even know how to use a gun without it. Once those blasted seeker swarms get you, you'll be a buncha useless, sitting ducks. I can’t believe for a moment I had hopes in you guys. GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!"

The Human squad leaves.

Assistant: "You can’t be serious! Those were some of the best troops!"
Recruitment officer: "All I saw were a bunch of tryhards."
Assistant: "But all we have left now is a couple of guys who can just barely hold a gun and maybe find their grenade pouch."
Recruitment officer: "Perfect. Some bloody respect for the traditional ways. They're hired."
Assistant: "Why don't you just admit that we spent our entire budget on weapon and grenade supplies which is why we can't afford to pay any real professionals."
Recruitment officer: "Did I give you permission to talk smack, pond-scum?"
Assistant: "No, but--!"
Recruitment: "No, and that's final! You can hand me the completed paperwork by end-of-day, or you can kiss your cushy desk job goodbye and get out there on the front lines. Is that what you want!?"
Assistant: "No, sir! At once, sit!"

The Assistant leaves.

Recruitment officer: "I'll turn these troopers into the best soldiers the galaxy has ever seen..."



Difficulty: Gold / Platinum
Map: Ghost (Regular or Hazard), Goddess, Rio, Dagger Hazard, Giant Hazard
Enemies: Reapers

3 characters that have one of the following grenade powers:
- Arc Grenade: N7 Demolisher Engineer, Quarian Male Engineer, Quarian Male Infiltrator
- Cluster Grenade: Batarian Slasher Adept, Drell Adept, Drell Vanguard, Vorcha Sentinel
- (Multi-)Frag Grenade: Human Soldier, BF3 Soldier, N7 Destroyer Soldier
- Lift Grenade: Krogan Sentinel, Asari Vanguard
- Sticky Grenade: Human Infiltrator, Quarian Female Infiltrator

Banned weapons:
Cerberus Harrier, Arc Pistol, Reegar Carbine, N7 Crusader, N7 Hurricane.
- Projectile weapons (except Kishok or Graal): Falcon, Striker, Adas, Acolyte, Scorpion,
Geth Plasma Shotgun, Venom Shotgun, Krysae.
- Recharging ammo weapons: Collector Sniper Rifle, Collector SMG, Particle Rifle, Lancer.

- for Gold only: all weapons mentioned above + all Ultra Rares

Special Conditions: Video recording is required!
Each character should have a different Grenade (Frag and Multi-Frag Grenade count as the same). At least one character should have a biotic Grenade (Lift or Cluster).

All characters must have only grenade + passive powers (the last 2 powers at the bottom)
Any other power is banned.
N7 Demolisher can't have Homing Grenades.

The squad needs to have all 5 different weapon classes (AR, SR, SMG, Shotgun, Pistol)
and collectively get at least a bronze weapon medal (25 weapon kills) for every weapon class and one silver biotic medal (25 biotic kills).
One of the players can have a repeated weapon if everyone decides to take two weapon types.

Any form of tech priming is banned:
- No Incendiary, Disruptor or Cryo ammo.
- No Rank 5B Electrical Damage for Arc Grenades.

Missiles allowed only on objective waves and extraction.


Squad1: Yurui-N7S, Ascended_Ai-N7S, Simulate-N7S video

Squad2: Steelwolf89-N7S , TheNightSlasher-N7S , RedLightningN7S video


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