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Revenge of the Fallen

Author: Bingbangpoe-N7S

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After the Leviathans severed the connections of the majority of the Collectors away from Harbinger, the broken Protheans found themselves free from the grasp of the Reapers. Now, they return to exact their revenge on the ones that destroyed them, as well to cleanse their brethen from the hive mind.



Cleansing the Plague
Characters: 4x Awakened Collector Adept
Weapons: Collector SMG, Collector Sniper Rifle,
Collector Assault Rifle, Particle Rifle
Map: Firebase Vancouver
Enemy: Collectors
Difficulty: Platinum


Squad1: RedLightning-N7S, Oyo-N7S, Bingbangpoe-N7S, AsariAzure-N7S screen
Squad2: Just3ven-N7S, CelticCookie-N7S, BadMojo-N7S, sgt_Thumper1 screen
Squad3: RedLightning-N7S, Qven, Avina-N7S, ValerioME3 screen

Squad4: Avina-N7S, DaedalusCain, PapaJester, KingFurykiller screen

Squad5: Fyracor-N7S, CanadianAdam, isma-lopez, aznitrous-N7S screen | video

Squad6: yvettee-N7S, RedLightning-N7S, DrunkDriver10, yveska1 screen

Squad7: CrisRodgz-N7S, hellion-N7S, yveska1, Charcolios screen

Squad8: CrisRodgz-N7S, littlebird330, DrunkDriver10, bearbutt-N7S screen | video
Squad9: Marinara908, hodonkain-N7S, VisibleGhost-N7S, Onomatopoeia-N7S screen | video

Squad10: SiLenT N7S, Lord 0f Bricks N7S, N7 Vermin, e debs N7S video


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