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Before the Reaper attack on Palaven, a squad of N7 Destroyer Soldiers was visiting the Turian military as a part of an exchange program. One of them stood out from the group. He had an actual military trained hawk accompanying him. Hawk's name was Stinger. Soldier rescued him from a broken nest years before he had reached his N7 rank. The two of them were inseparable ever since. Once Sovereign class vessels started descending onto Palaven's surface, the brave N7's swore to stay on the planet and protect the inhabitants at all costs. Like dealing with Reaper and Collector forces wasn't enough, one night their squad got ambushed by a pack of Cerberus units. Nemesis with a silencer on her sniper rifle quickly dealt with the lookout. Phantoms could now enter the bunkers cloaked and start assassinating soldiers one by one in their sleep. Stinger noticed them just in time and immediately woke up his friend. Soldier managed to evade the deadly blade in the last second, but the Phantom wasn't about to give up so easily. She had tactical cloak and darkness of the night to her advantage. To even the odds, Stinger resorted to fecalizing over the Phantom. Covered in feces, her silhouette could now be seen even by the mere human eye. Enraged by this act, Phantom focused her Phase Disruptor towards the flying menace and mortally wounded the hawk. Soldier rushed to Stinger to share a medigel-pack before it was too late. Phantom tried to stop the N7, but filled with adrenaline he simply broke her sword in half and responded with an omni-blade through the chest. Gel did the trick and two of them headed to assist the other survivors. From that day on, the N7 Destroyer used only weapons named after bird species to honor his brother in arms.



Characters: N7 Destroyer Soldier
Number of players: 2-4
Map: Condor
Enemy: Cerberus
Difficulty: Gold or Platinum
Weapons: Both Falcon and N7 Eagle
Not allowed Equipment: Grenade Capacity, Warfighter Package, Shocktrooper Upgrade, Armored Compartments and Assault Loadout
Conditions: Must spec into Hawk Missile Launcher. At least one must extract.


Squad1: SilenT N7S, Badger N7S, ctc91 video

Squad2:meh-N7S,RedLightning-N7S Video


Squad1: The NightSlasher, SenorZanahoria video | video

Squad2: SiLenT N7S & e debs N7S video

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