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Terminus System Refugees

Author: gucarle-N7S

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"You've undergone the first and most brutal Reaper attack in the Terminus System... You have fled to the slum of Benning in the Arcturus Cluster... But you have now to face the Cerberus extremist group, who leads a terrorist attack against ET refugees."



Characters: x2 Batarians, x2 Vorchas
Weapons: Any
Map: Firebase Ghost or Firebase Ghost Hazard
Enemy: Cerberus
Difficulty: Platinum


Squad1: Sen-N7S, Oyo-N7S, Valkurion45, Litalstar screen
Squad2: AsariAzure-N7S, DisturbedPsic0, Mylkoo, LutzThePedobear (data lost)
Squad3: RedLightning-N7S, Just3ven-N7S, ValerioME3, BadMojo-N7S screen

Squad4: Achion-N7S, Just3ven-N7S, aznitrous-N7S, PapaJester screen

Squad5: RedLightning-N7S, Qven, RoystonVasey63, Standgeblase screen

Squad6: isma-lopez, Fyracor-N7S, ValerioME3, gucarle-N7S screen | video

Squad7: PapaJester, aznitrous-N7S, Suzanne-N7S, Charlemagne007 screen

Squad8: yveska1, CrisRodgz-N7S, littlebird330, AlanH42 screen

Squad9: CanadianAdam-N7S, hodonkain-N7S, Onomatopoeia-N7S, Vormav screen | video
Squad10: Onomatopoeia-N7S, Capta1nAsh-N7S, Vormav-N7S, Thee_Gamemaster3 screen | video1 | video2

Squad11: Onomatopoeia-N7S, SenorZanahoria, TheNightSlasher & yvettee-N7S video | video

Squad 12: bialakawa, Parag, Shady-N7S, ConsensusVox-N7S video

Squad13: SiLenT N7S, e debs, MidnightTheOx, Lord 0f Bricks N7S video


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