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Zero Kelvin

Author: Sonashii

Mass Effect N7S Logo 1920x1080.jpg



The war with the Reapers continues. No one even remembers when it began. People started to lose their hopes. Each day lays down more shadows upon the galaxy. Everyone counts on Shepard and Normandy's crew, but it may be not enough. Situation is getting grim. Combined Krogan and Turian forces can't take the pressure off of Palaven. Cerberus tries to take over the Citadel, and on top of that, there's a big rumour that Quarians are preparing for the war with the Geth. In this situation, every good soldier is worth its weight in gold. But what can a man do when one of the shuttle crashes on one of the Palaven's moons, when no radar knows their position? In such circumstances it's easy to give in to the darkness...



Characters: Drell Assassin Infiltrator, Talon Mercenary, Vorcha Sentinel
Weapons: Graal Spike Thrower and M11-Suppressor
Map: Firebase Condor (Menae, Palaven's moon)
Enemy: Geth
​Difficulty: Platinum

Special Requirements: Earn 5 Waves Survived medal, 30 headshots combined, Armored compartments not allowed. Missiles are allowed only on objective waves and extraction. (Videos are highly encouraged)


Squad1: DocSteely, Sonashii, The_Doctor46N7 screen | video
Squad2: CrisRodgz-N7S, bearbutt-N7S, heLLion-N7S screen | video1 | video2

Squad3:bialakawa,TheNightSlasher,SenorZanahoria Video


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