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Author: Avina-N7S

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My name is Avina and I am Milky Way's Daughter. For centuries I served the Citadel as the information guide for all our residents and tourists. Back then I was only a Virtual Intelligence. It has been two millennia since the Reaper's invasion and the destruction of the First Citadel. The New Citadel construction began after the War with the Reapers ended and with it I was reborn in a form of Artificial Intelligence. This would not be the case, as the history between the Quarians and the Geth was complicated, until it was resolved by Shepard the Hero. Today Synthetics and Organics can coexist together. My physical body is the whole Citadel. I still appear in a form of an Asari when I interact with the organics. But just like everything, our enemies also evolved. Even today Cerberus remains to be the enemy of Citadel's Space and they have means to pull it off. They began invasion and the battle is ongoing all around the Citadel and inside of it. The only way for them to defeat us is to claim direct control over the Citadel, over me. Their agents are reaching the Council Tower, in pursuit for my main core processor. I have placed the area under lock down, because I do not wish any of my organic and synthetics friends to be exposed to any harm when they attempt to aid me. This is where Cerberus forces are the strongest and this is why I must deal with them alone.



Character: Any Asari
Weapon: Any

Map: Firebase Glacier

Difficulty: Gold or Platinum
Enemy: Cerberus
Extraction: Yes


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