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Author: yvettee-N7S




In 2185 CE, the Illusive Man initiated Project Eva: a project to create an infiltration unit with unwavering devotion to Cerberus.

I am the product of extensive his spending and his team’s expertise in biotechnology. Algorithmically flawless, I know my infiltration and combat skills surpass most other androids developed to date, capable of running trillions of operations simultaneously, all the while being able to assume this facade of “Dr. Eva Coré”.

My creation came about shortly after Commander Shepard left Cerberus. The outcome of what should have been a ‘suicide mission’ was an unforeseen blow and what happened there has put a target on Cerberus’ back. For the past few months, we have been hit left-and-right by Collector forces. It doesn’t help that several other elite soldiers have defected from Cerberus.

We are still in the testing phase of my software’s operational readiness, but given the present circumstances,
I have been deployed to retrieve the research left behind at [INFORMATION REDACTED]. There are confirmed reports that a Collector Cruiser has landed and that the base has suffered heavy casualties. It is more likely than not that all security forces and scientists there are dead. If that it the case, this will be a solo-endeavour, but I know that I alone am enough to complete the mission.

Insectile clicking and fresh human blood tells me that the Collectors are still here somewhere. The internal processor in my unit hums quietly, calculating the number of enemies, damage output, optimal firing distance. Metallic joints click ever so slightly as I hop off the cruiser and come to rest on the landing pad. Remembering to cloak, I disappear into the landscape as my mechanical body comes to life.

I press a finger to my temple, paging the Illusive Man. “Orders?” I ask, already knowing his answer.



Difficulty: Gold/Platinum
Character: Alliance Infiltration Unit
Weapons: Any non-SMG Weapon, but you must bring the M4-Shuriken as a side-weapon.
Map: Firebase Refuge (Redemption DLC mod)
Enemy: Collectors
Special Conditions:
    •    Missile usage is limited to Objective and Extraction waves and for sync-kill prevention.
    •    You are a near-perfect killing machine. Get a 5 waves-survived medal.


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