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Author: aznitrous




Listening to my heartbeat, so that the shot would be timed right in between... One. I’ve never stayed too close to the team. When you’re too close, you become blind to a lot of things, some of them very important. You wouldn’t know when someone’s trying to stick a knife into your friend’s back. Or yours. Two. Watching others and averting perils they’re in has become my ultimate goal on the battlefield. Granted, you need to remember that there will be those who’ll try to watch you - and with very rare exceptions, they won’t be friends. Those who watch the watchers. Guarding others, don’t let your own guard down. Three. But always stay calm, keep your cool, don’t let your hands shake, don’t let your heart rate go up. It’ll make your crosshairs dance, and you’ll miss the shot. One missed shot can cost you dearly. And if you do miss, never panic, because then you’ll miss the next one, too. Remember, slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Four. Learn to think two steps ahead. If you think you’d better change your position because it got hot, it’s already too late. Make the enemies guess where you are, but never let them know your exact location. And be quiet - they hear your footsteps, your breath, the metal clinks of your rifle. Because what’s known to two, is known to everyone. Five. And lastly, learn to never rely on anyone. Because if you find yourself in a situation I’m in now, it’ll be very difficult to change on the go. I couldn’t, because I’ve always cared too much about my team, and I knew they always had my back, even if the only time they’d see me on the battlefield was when I’d step out of the shuttle. But this time, the shuttle carried only me. I’m on my own now, but I’ll be fighting for them, although they’re not with me. Six and seven. Two with one. One more left. And he’s dead already, he just doesn’t know it yet.



Character: Human Infiltrator
Weapons: any Sniper Rifle
Map: any

Difficulty: Gold or Platinum
Enemy: any
Extraction: Yes
Special Requirements: get a 20 Headshots medal and a Waves Survived medal;
Missile usage is limited to Objective and Extraction waves, as well as for sync-kill prevention
and revive facilitation.


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