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Author:  JadeDragonMTR-N7S




Personal log - Val'Naham vas Moreh

It's been 3 weeks of running from the reaper forces and Cerberus shock troopers. I haven't received any relayed messages from Admiral Xen, but my mission hasn't changed: to obtain a copy of the scans from the Alliance intelligence of the deep sea mining operations and bring the data back to the Migrant Fleet. But what I've discovered from the data is much, much bigger than advanced mining technology.
The humans call it the "Reaper Killer".

The Admiralty Board has followed a long tradition when approaching a mineral rich planet or asteroid: to strip it bare. We take the resources when we could have terraformed like the humans did on Eden Prime or Feros. The Migrant Fleet has seen more planets than any other species in the galaxy and we could have several worlds colonized and use them as staging grounds for our fight to take back Rannoch. But instead, we'll still live and die by our ships. And now the Reapers are in our galaxy. I must get this data home. If humans can use this data to save Earth, we might be able to use it to take back Rannoch.

I'm running low on food and water as more and more of my human contacts are either leaving Earth or joining the resistance. I know how to survive. Xen picked me for this mission because she knew me. I'm a soldier, an infiltrator and an engineer. I can fight and I can hide. I can rig a shuttle to explode or jack into its comms to send messages to the Migrant Fleet. I'll need to use all my skills to get the datapad back to Xen. I've been scanning the transmissions from the Alliance command and communication centers and I know there'll be a recon shuttle swinging by here tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll be ready!



Difficulty: Gold or Platinum
Character: Any Quarian
Map: Earth firebases (Vancouver, Rio or London)
Weapon: Any
Enemy: Reapers or Cerberus
Extraction: Yes

Special requirements: No Reegar Carbine nor Cerberus Harrier. No armored compartments.
On Gold, missiles allowed only on objective waves and extraction. On Platinum, no missile restrictions.


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