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Author: CelticCookie-N7S




I'm Commander Shepard. Don't want to blow my own trumpet but all I had to do was stop a Geth invasion, work with a rogue black ops terrorist organisation to stop a Collector Invasion and lead the fight against the current Reaper invasion to become famous, or at least infamous in some peoples eyes. Now the press want me to pose for pictures for a lead-in to their stories! I got this in the mail earlier:

"Lead-In Imagery


From: The "Hour 20" News Team


Commander Shepard,


We here at the "Hour 20" news desk have been running pieces on the war's progress, and we'd like your cooperation in a small matter. We're searching for an iconic bit of footage for our lead-in to the segments, but most of our Reaper related battle footage has issues with bad lighting, unstable cameras, and significant amounts of risk.

I'm not sure if you're aware, but the Armax Arena records its sessions. We'd like your permission to comb through videos of you fighting Reaper enemies for use in our segment. (The relevant forms for using your likeness are attached, and we'll compensate you for your time). For maximum visual effect, we want only you in the shots. Just enter the simulator and fight Reaper enemies alone, and our visual composers can do the rest.


Lara J.Delante
Executive Producer, "Hour 20 with Azad Carter"
Alliance News Network"

Same guys had me pegged as a defector and terrorist a few years back and now they want me as their shining symbol of hope. I'm so tempted to tell them to wrap their idea in tin foil and shove it where the sun doesn't shine BUT the Galaxy needs saving again and there's no-one else up to the task.


Ok, its only a simulator AND it'll boost morale for the troups in this god forsaken fight. I'll do it.
My time to shine!



Character: Any Human Character
Weapon: Any except Reegar

Map:  Any Armax Arsenal Arena map

Difficulty: Gold or Platinum
Enemy: Reaper
Extraction: Yes
Special Requirements: Missiles allowed on objective waves (extraction included),
also for sync-kill prevention and revive faciliation.


Click on the times to watch the videos

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