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Author: AzureBlink

Reborn from the Ashes Firebase White



Before I joined Cerberus I was one of the N7 Group. Best soldiers of humanity. I proudly served under Alliance's banner for many years. But then I heard about organization called Cerberus.
After the battle at Citadel, when we lost a lot of good men fighting against the Geths I started to accept Cerberus point of view more and more. But the breaking point was war with the Collectors.
Alliance's forces were spread too thin to defend every system from this new threat. They were guarding the Citadel, systems of Attican Traverse against the pirates and those which were too far away, were simply left without protection...

I was wondering why we are defending The Council when they will not even listen to us. They will not help us. We should help our own people! Cerberus was actually fighting. They have put humanity's defense at first place! They were trying
to beat Collectors. And more importantly famous Commander Shepard was with them. I have left the Alliance and joined them. I was so naive...
If only I knew what were the true goals of Illusive Man. My massive combat experience allowed me
to get promoted quickly. They have seen my "potential" and assigned me to "Project Phoenix". We were cybernetically enhanced soldiers. We had best equipment and the best training.
We were like one person army. Finally I could bring justice to those who had wronged us!
But with time Cerberus was becoming more and more radicalized. We were turning into a terrorist organization. Acts of terror against other species that harmed humanity were becoming even more brutal. Then I have heard about the attack on Collectors base. Shepard has left us. That...
was quite shocking to me... He rejoined the Alliance. I had mixed feelings. On one hand I feeled like he betrayed us, but on the other... something was wrong with Cerberus. I had to investigate. Some time later the Reapers have invaded...
Illusive Man censored communication with "outer world".
Security has been tighten up. I though we were going to fight the Reapers but no... We were preparing sabotage missions against other species. I did not understand that... And then... Then he started modifying our own men with Reapers technology. He was obsessed with it.
He thought he can controll the Reapers.
That was madness! No one should posses such power! And those men, my friends... They have become empty husks of people they have once been. Obedient like machines, ready to fulfill every demand, even most cruel ones. I managed to crack communication blockade and I have heard what is happening. Species of the Milky Way were fighting together against the Reapers.
Shepard, a hero of humanity was trying to bring everyone together: Turians, Asari, even Krogans.
I realised we can not win this fight alone...
I decided it is time to leave, while I still had my head untouched.
I contacted System Alliance and offered them vital Cerberus data in exchange for amnesty and permission to fight by their side again. To my surprise they have accepted my offer. They even offered help, extraction from the Cerberus base. I have sent them coordinates immidiately. I knew Cerberus finds out about my defection. I managed to get to one of their main science bases and wanted to sabotage it, "leave it with style". As a "goodbye" to my former employer.
 I will fight my way through or die trying! I will sent to "the other side" as many Cerberus grunts as I can! And I promise, I will not make the same mistake again!
Long live System Alliance, true protectors of humanity!"



Character: Phoenix Adept or Phoenix Vanguard
Weapons: M-25 Hornet (preferrable),  M-13 Raptor, M-96 Mattock, Cerberus Harrier, M-5 Phalanx, M-358 Talon

Map: Firebase White or Hazard

Difficulty: Gold or Platinum
Enemy: Cerberus
Extraction: Yes
Optional: Character colors need to be matching with Cerberus


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