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Author: LazarusWulf-N7S

Survival of the Fittest tuchanka



My krantt is dead at the hands of those twisted Asari. Only I remain, thanks to redundant organ systems. As I lay in the ruins and blood of my comrades, I think back to all the struggles I faced to prove myself worthy. All my life has been a battle of killed or be killed, only this time, the enemy wears the faces of previous foes; it’s a final insult to the fallen ones. As the rain pelts my face, turning warm Tuchanka sand into sticky mud, I hear them screeching in the distance. They know I’m still alive. As I pick up my trusty shotgun, I open my arms to welcome them, letting out a hoarse roar. I won’t let them kill me and twist me into those mutated freaks.
They are not welcome here. I am Clan Urdnot, and THIS. IS. MY. PLANET!



Character: any Krogan (except Warlord)
Weapons: any Shotgun (except Reegar Carbine)
Map: Firebase Giant Hazard

Difficulty: Gold or Platinum
Enemy: Reapers
Extraction: Yes
Special Requirements: Missile usage is limited to Objective and Extraction waves


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