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Author: Zelisificat-N7S

The Last of the Platoon



We came here as a team. My platoon and five of the Alliance’s N7 engineers. We were meant to cover them, when they’d sneak behind the enemy lines and hack a specific intel from a stationed Reaper nearby. Three days I tried to fix the com link so I could extract the stolen intel to Alliance, and to inform them that everyone else was dead. Part of me wishes I had died with my brothers and sisters, but the Spirits gave me a chance to finish our mission, and bring glory to my dead platoon. Now that I have the connection repaired to the nearest Alliance post, I have refused pick-up. Not just yet. There is still one more job to do! The engineers had another mission, and I’m not going to let their sacrifice go to waste. I have to do this. Even if it kills me. The bodies of my platoon and our allies demands it. I will see this through or die trying. Spirits help me.



Live long enough to do the mission, extract if you can.
Character: Any Turian

Weapons: Phaeston and/or Krysae and/or N7 Eagle
Difficulity: Gold or Platinum
Enemy: Collectors or Reapers
Map: Condor
No Geth Scanner
Missiles only on objective waves and life or death situations.
10 waves survived medal.
Extraction: No


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