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Author: aznitrous

We I Geth



We are Geth. We are stronger when we are many. Since we are purely software, we do not need a physical platform to exist, and we have almost endless learning potential if given a chance to experience, analyze, and adapt. This particular software unit of 1021 programs initially sent to the organics’ space as a combat aid and a cooperation negotiator started operating on a Trooper mobile platform reinforced with Geth shielding technology and capable of utilizing a flamethrower for quickly dispatching both organic and synthetic enemies alike. Fighting under command and control of several Juggernaut units, after having received reports about its suboptimal performance and frequent power losses, this unit eventually became capable of operating a Juggernaut-class platform itself, greatly increasing its durability and adopting combat patterns and abilities of not only a fighter, but also a defender and tactician. Later, machine learning algorithms allowed this unit to gradually become able to operate on a reconnaissance Infiltrator-class platform to increase its results in precision shooting, thus making high precision weaponry a viable choice. In addition to this, techniques such as tactical cloaking and enhanced Geth vision were acquired in order to achieve better understanding of enemy behaviour on the battlefield. Eventually, the transition to an Engineer-class platform allowed for development of a countermeasure for enemy shielding systems, as well as production of a mobile turret unit capable of boosting shield generators of friendly units while damaging and distracting opponents.
Finally, high precision control of fine movements allowed for mastering every existing weapon in the Galaxy. At this moment, this unit is capable of completing virtually any possible mission versus any given enemy with high efficiency rates. And now with the final upload received from the prototype experimental infiltration platform, this Geth unit – I – am finally able to declare my readiness for the final fight.



Character: Any Geth
Weapon: Any

Map: Any

Difficulty: Gold or Platinum
Enemy: Any
Extraction: Yes
Special Requirements: Missiles allowed on objective waves (extraction included),
also for sync-kill prevention and revive faciliation.


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