• Enemy: Reapers with Zombie Mod active

  • Difficulty: Gold or Platinum

  • Map: From map listing below

  • Character: From character roster below

  • Extraction: 1 survivor at least

Special requirements:

  • You can complete the Halloween Event as a solo player, or with a duo/trio/full squad.

  • Each player must bring a different character from the character roster.

  • You can bring any weapon and use any equipment.

  • If you wish, you may run this event with Enemy Friendly Fire and/or Hack All Enemies mods.



This event started on Wednesday 28.Oct.2020. at 00:00 CDT and ran till Monday 2.Nov.2020. at 00:00 CDT

All completed submissions to us in that time period will be rewarded with the Hallowed Specters tag in our Discord Server.

As always, your event progress can be sent to us via Discord in the #n7s-events text channel. For this specific challenge, please send your videos progress within the time period marked above.



Event Authors: Community Managers yvettee & Bingbangpoe-N7S

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This summer... Brought to you by the same studios who made "Blasto: Eternity is Forever", and written by the acclaimed screenwriter Quentin Turiantino, and based on real-life events: "Those Things". An ancient threat from another galaxy, long forgotten, behind the depths of the universe, where a secret lies forgotten by any living soul, has come to the Milky Way: the Reapers. They have infiltrated themselves among us and are slowly consuming planets, one by one. They can control and indoctrinate their victims to make part of a massive hivemind... TRUST NO ONE. Now, it is up for a misfit group of battle-hardened veterans, trapped inside a small Reaper controlled base, put an end to this once and for all. But will they what it takes to survive against those things?




How to install Zombie Mod

  • Go to

  • Click Download Now to download the most updated Mod Manager. You should get a filed called ME3TweaksModManagerExtractor_(numbers).

  • Open the Extractor and extract the Mod Manager somewhere. It recommends your Documents or Desktop.

  • Open the Mod Manager. It should immediately open to a notice saying that your games are not backed up.

  • Make a Backup Version of your Mass Effect 3 game.

  •      Click Backup Manager at the bottom right.

  •      Under Mass Effect 3, click the drop-down list and select your game.

  •      Click Back Up. It may show you a screen of what DLC you do not have installed. Verify that it is accurate and click Yes.

  •               if you see a new window called "Cannot backup modified game", this means your current base game has mods installed. You will need to Repair Mass Effect 3 (for Origin, right click your game, click Repair), or if this still doesn't work, reinstall Mass Effect 3.

  •      Wait for your game to finish its back up.

  •      Close the Backup Manager.

  • Click on the Mod Management tab at the top of the Mod Manager.

  • Go to the first item, "Import Mod", and choose "Download ModMaker Mod"

  • In the new window, find "Zombie Mod Code 99". Click download.

  • Wait for the download to finish.

  • Go back to the Mod Manager. You should now see a new entry in the left-hand side table with "Zombie Mod" in it. Click on Zombie Mod and click "Apply Mod" at the bottom right.

  • Start Mass Effect 3 and the mod should be activated. You will know it is active if the main screen (when you press anything to continue) says Zombie Mod.

"Sabotage - Hack All Enemies" and "Enemies Friendly Fire"

 For extra fun, we recommend the two mods. To add them:

  • Open your Mod Manager.

  • Click on the Mod Management tab at the top of the Mod Manager.

  • Click on MixIn Library

  • Scroll and find "Enemy Friendly Fire" and "Sabotage - Hack All Enemies" in the list.

  • Tick both boxes and click "Compile", and click "Install into Game".

  • Make sure to do this after you install Zombie Mod.

 To use Redemption maps, visit our Quality of Life page in the main menu. For support do not hesitate to  reach us out through our discord server #request-assistance text channel. The first available Community Manager (and other users in our community) will answer.

Uninstalling Zombie Mod, EFF + SHAE


  • After you're done with the mod, you will need to restore vanilla Mass Effect 3. Click on Backup & Restore at the top of Mod Manager.

  • Go down to Mass Effect 3 and click restore. Mod Manager has an automatic restore system, but you can also manually copy and paste a copy of Mass Effect 3's vanilla files if you have them saved separately somewhere on your computer.

  • Try a multiplayer game to make sure Zombie Mod is uninstalled. If you previously installed other mods/extensions (e.g. the console or shotgun delay lalala) you will need to reinstall those.




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SQUAD4: Bingbangpoe-N7S, bialakawa, TheNightSlasher, yvettee

yvettee's Video: Ghost Hazard

SQUAD5: Bingbangpoe-N7S, TheNightSlasher, Aarala, yvettee

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SQUAD1: Player1, Player2, Player3, Player4