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It will open again on 7.Nov.2022 00:00 CDT and
8.Nov.2022 00:00 CDT.

+24 more hours for finishing video uploads.

All completed submissions to us in that time period will be rewarded with the Special N7 Day tag in our Discord Server.

As always, your challenge progress can be sent to us via Discord in the #n7s-events text channel. For this specific challenge, please send your videos within the time period marked above.

N7 Stripe.jpg

Welcome - and happy N7 day to you!

The N7 Squad wishes everyone on the discord a happy November 7th, and is reopening the N7 Event once more. This event is our way of celebrating love for the Mass Effect universe, and paying homage by crafting exciting multiplayer missions with N7 characters and weapons.

To our new players: hello there and thank you for celebrating N7 Day with us! If you’re trying this as something out of your comfort zone, don’t worry—take your time and have fun. To our returning players, we’re glad that you’re back for more and can’t wait to see how you’ll fare this year.

To participate, simply find a squad on #lfg-me3mp or #lfg-meamp channels and complete the event within the eligible time period. Successful participants will have their run(s) uploaded to the N7 Squad website, and a new achievement role will be added to their discord profile: "N7 Day." 

Remember: this exclusive event is only available between 00:00 of November 7th to 00:00 of November 9th, Central Daylight Time (CDT).

As part of tradition, we want to ask our successful participants: “who is your favourite Mass Effect Multiplayer Character, and why?” Send us your answer in the #n7s-events channel—share your strategy, weapon and equipment pairings, colour schemes, headcanons — anything you want to say about your favourite character! For inspiration, you can scroll down below and look at some of the responses from previous years.

We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy the games ahead. Happy N7 Day, and we’ll see you on the battlefield.

N7 Day Welcome Message

Humanity faced its darkest hour the day the Reapers invaded the Sol system. In the midst of that darkness, humanity's greatest hero rose, ultimately managing to lead the galaxy to a united victory over impossible odds. That hero was Commander Shepard, whom we are proud to call the greatest N7. Now, 20 years have passed. Humanity must remain prepared to face threats as great as those we faced in the past. For who knows what lingers in the dark void of space? In honour of and inspired by Shepard's great sacrifice, the greatest of Earth's heroes come together once more in this ultimate N7 training challenge. Show the Galaxy mankind still has that fire. Show the Galaxy the N7 program continues to honour the legacy of Shepard and all others who paid the ultimate price. This scenario will be based in a live fire environment with powerful AI able to replicate the enemies Shepard and the Normandy's crew faced 20 years ago. Fight and become the legends you were born to be. You Are N7.

N7 Day Event Story

                                           - RULES of the N7 DAY EVENT -

This is a vanilla event, the only allowed mods are:

Rules for everyone in the Squad:

  • Play different N7 Characters. This is full team event, 4 players.

  • Use N7 Weapons. N7 Weapons are weapons that have "N7" in their name.

  • Complete Firebase London Collectors Platinum with Full Extraction.

  • Play and submit videos within the time frame marked above.

  • Optional: At #n7s-events channel, answer the question after submitting your run: "who is your favorite Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Character and why?"



Squad1: Wash-N7S, meh-N7S, heLLion-N7S, RedLightning-N7S

Screen | RedLightning-N7S Video | Wash-N7S Video | meh-N7S Video

Squad2: ConsensusVoice, dglammers-N7S, RedLightning-N7S, SenorZanahoria

SneorZanahoria Video | ConsensusVoice Video

Squad3: Ody-N7S, Cadaverific7842, bialakawa, Cross-N7S

Cross-N7S Video

Squad4: pisangthepingie, yvettee, meh-N7S, RedLightning-N7S

RedLightning-N7S Video | yvettee's Video

Squad5: yvettee, Cross-N7S, TheNightSlasher, ConsensusVoice

ConsensusVoice's Video | yvettee's Video

Squad6: Fyracor-N7S, Ody-N7S, Zelisificat-N7S, Twilistere-N7S

Twilistere-N7S Video

Squad7: Aarala, FartManOMG-N7S, yvettee, SenorZanahoria

SenorZanahoria Video | yvetteee's Video

Squad8: Sonashii, TheNightSlasher, Vastator, SenorZanahoria

SenorZanahoria Video | TheNightSlasher Video

Squad9: ConsensusVoice, Onomatopoeia-N7S, yvettee, pisangthepingie

yvettee's Video | ConsensusVoice Video

Squad10: SiLenT N7S, JheregJose-N7S, Lord 0f Bricks, PapaJester

Screen | Screen2 | SiLenT N7S Video

Squad11: A_Damn_Pug, burningcherry, SanjarN7, VisibleGhost-N7S

Screen | burningcherry Video

Squad12: Fyracor-N7S, Zelisificat-N7S, Ody-N7S, Capta1nAsh-N7S

Capta1nAsh-N7S Video

Squad13: Fyracor-N7S, Zelisificat-N7S, RedLightning-N7S, Capta1nAsh-N7S

Capta1nAsh-N7S Video

Squad14: meh-N7S, Cross-N7S, TheDjbixo, Capta1nAsh-N7S

Capta1nAsh-N7S Video

Squad15: CorneaGumbo, Twilistere-N7S, CrazyBiker-N7S, Boskmann-N7S

Screen | Boskmann-N7S Video | CrazyBiker-N7S Video | Twilistere-N7S Video

Squad16: TheNightSlasher, bialakawa, Vormav-N7S, TheeKnighthawk

Screen | Vormav-N7S Video

Squad17: TheNightSlasher, Vormav-N7S, TheeKnighthawk, Jairami

Screen | Vormav-N7S Video

Squad18: SiLenT N7S, N7 Vermin, Lord 0f Bricks, CriticalMidget1

Screen | SiLenT N7S Video

Squad19: SiLenT N7S, JheregJose-N7S, Ctc91, Harbinger0625

SiLenT N7S Video | Harbinger0625's Video Missing Link

Squad20: Suzanne-N7S, hodonkain-N7S, JheregJose-N7S, PapaJester

Screen | hodonkain-N7S Video

Squad21: ctc91, JheregJose-N7S, Harbinger0625, SiLenT N7S

Screen | SiLenT N7S Video

Squad22: PapaJester, JheregJose-N7S, N7 Vermin, SiLenT N7S

Screen | SiLenT N7S Video

Squad23: Ody-N7S, Dreadh0und-N7S, RedPanda, RedLightning-N7S

RedLightning-N7S Video | Dreadh0und-N7S Video

Squad24: ARHANGEO, Dreadh0und-N7S, RedPanda, Ody-N7S

Screen | Dreadh0und-N7S Video

Squad25: RedLightning-N7S, Bingbangpoe-N7S, Jaidas-N7S, Twilistere-N7S

Screen | RedLightning-N7S Video | Twilistere-N7S Video

Squad26: SiLenT N7S, Lord 0f Bricks, JheregJose-N7S, Nairb1997

SiLenT N7S Video


Squad1: CrisRodgz-N7S, yveska1, Charcolios, heLLion-N7S

Screen | Video

Squad2: RedLightning-N7S, RoystonVasey63, AlanH42, Molderca

Screen | Video

Squad3: RedLightning-N7S, RoystonVasey63, AlanH42, Molderca

Screen | Video

Squad4: Sonashii, NinjaSuperiority, The_Doctor46N7, TheNightSlasher

Screen | Video

Squad5: Ody-N7S, Papajester, Suzanne-N7S, SenorZanahoria

Screen | Video

Squad6: RedLightning-N7S, Standgeblase, N7-CrazyBiker, ZeVisibileGhost

Screen | Video

Squad7: Ody-N7S, Draco25240, aznitrous-N7S, AlanH42

Screen | Video

Squad8: metalmickee, PapaJester, Suzanne-N7S, CelticCookie-N7S

Screen | Video

Squad9: RedLightning-N7S, cabron5, Bingbangpoe-N7S, aznitrous-N7S

Screen | Video

Squad10: CheshireFire-N7S, hodonkain-N7S, Vormav, Fart_Man_Omg

Screen | Video

Squad11: OhNoBarcode, CheshireFire-N7S, Vormav, Fart_Man_Omg

Screen | Video

Squad12: CrisRodgz-N7S, bearbutt-N7S, yveska1, DrunkDriver10

Screen | Video


Squad1: RedLightning-N7S, Ody-N7S, JheregJose, aznitrous-N7S

Screen | Video

Squad2: RedLightning-N7S, aznitrous-N7S, PolishKamaro-N7S, RoystonVasey63

Screen | Video

Squad3: Avina-N7S, NoxXIV, Neightrix, DisturbedPsic0

Screen | Video

Squad4: RedLightning-N7S, Guardian-N7S, AsariAzure-N7S, Sen-N7S

Screen | Video

ME3 Answers


Used N7-Fury, cause it's worst, to play off- host and it's great fun, to be a useless
teammate, getting carried allllllll the way!!!


My favorite character is N7 Paladin. What I don't like about him is that he is listed as sentinel and has no biotics like others. What I like about him? Everything else. So many glass explosions, goes through walls! But the omni shield is what makes him unique and if used well, it can be really fun and benefit the squad really good to keep them safe. Also has best looking armor.


I'll go with Turian Sentinel, the most versatile weapon platform, great powers, great
passives, all around, great character.


My favourite character from N7S is N7 Shadow, maybe she is squishy, but she is "humanoid size enemies" quick slayer, and have very good melee, the best in entire ME3M, the best melee character in both Mass Effect Multiplayer.

N7 Vermin

My favorite character is the GI with a hurricane. Because it’s the best I can do at the
moment until I can start landing headshots with a sniper again.

Nuhkhs-N7S (NoxXIV)

Quarian Male Engineer. Me like space gypsy mangineer. Shocky booms good. Take Talon shootgun pistol. Powertool rounds III, handgun amp III, power stronger-er IV, and boom ball capacity.


My favourite character is female novaguard because she's simply amazing, I mean, she's rly fast and she has the best powers, you can kill every enemy in a second and you don't need a specific team to use her entire potential, your teammates can be biotics like asari justicar or techy like N7 Paladin and it doesn't matter because she can makes a lot of explosions and you're almost immortal because charge and nova allows you to face almost every enemy with no worries at all and that's really cool. With the right build she's the best for full team matches.

𝕳𝖆𝖗𝖇𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖗 (Harbinger0625)

Alright, if thats the case, my favorite Me3 mp character would have to be the
Awakened Collecter. Im not usually fond of biotics but the collecter is aesthetically
pleasing, is fun to play, and brings a sense of nostalgia due to the fact that you
fought collectors in the previous game. I really enjoy the Awakened Collector,
especially on lower games like bronze or silver but is eligible for a gold match with
other people.


My fav is probably the asari justicar. she can crowd control and stack DoTs with reave. her biotic bubble can debuff, give dmg reduction, chain combos in quick succession the more enemies caught in there, and stagger even bosses on cast, which is pretty neat for a panic button or hit-and-run revives. give her a medium-heavy weapon with warp ammo and she'll shred the tougher enemies, while an acolyte + pull build is fun to mess around with. plus, bc of reave's dmg reduction, she's got some survivability. she's also the beefiest asari.


My go to characters are the Asari Huntress and QFI. They cover my basic play
styles, leisurely sniping or sneaking around throwing dc and warp watching things go
boom. Plus invisibility helps with objectives and revives.


I have several favorite ME3MP characters, but the Female Quarian Engineer will
always have a special place in my heart. When I first started playing the Multiplayer, I
started on Bronze and worked my way up, and it took a long time to unlock more
characters and good weapons. The FQE was one of my earliest unlocks and I
named her 'Idenna' after the Quarian ship featured in one of the Drew Karpyshyn
Mass Effect novels.
I had so much fun running around spamming cryo blast/incinerate combos with a
flamethrower turret! Cannibals got nothing on this, and Brutes can come get some
too! So many good memories playing as this character. I remember running her first
with the Raptor sniper rifle, then the Locust SMG as I moved up to Silver with her
pretty smoothly. I struggled taking her on Gold with the Locust -- she's a good
support character but that loadout did not have high enough DPS to play PUG
matches. The ubiquitous Acolyte/Hurricane pairing worked better (especially when I
started unlocking Cyclonic mods), until I finally tried out the Executioner pistol and
prefer that now. I've actually led Gold matches with her as my playstyle has matured,
but I don't think I'm anywhere near ready to try her on Plat yet! Today's N7 Event was
a blast -- big thanks to the organizers and squadmates I rolled with. See you guys
out there!


First Answer:
My faforite Character is N7 Destroyer, because he is like Chuck Norris, playing mostly this character, he is slow but have a good damage output i think.

Second Answer:
My favorite Character is the Destroyer (and his little Brother Human Male Soldier) hehave great Damage Output and lots of Grenades. Grenades are the Soldier BioticPower. He teach his little brother in fighting and use Weapons, he works hard torecive the T5-V Battle Suit. In this case the both are unstoppable Duo. Fight againstthe Reapers until the last husk falls over.


First Answer:
My favorite character is the Salarian Infiltrator. I like to snipe a lot, and I also like the idea of dealing a lot of damage to an enemy with just a couple of shots in a short amount of time.

Second Answer:
My all-time favorite character is still the salarian infiltrator, but my new favoritecharacter of this year is the asari valkyrie (sentinel). I like being a running, exploding,biotic detonating asari as I leave a trail of corpses behind me. I like to rush a lot andbecause of that, I end up burning through a lot of medi-gels and ops packs in 1mission! >.<


First Answer:
My fave is the Asari Justicar. With a 66644 attack-bubblé build she's effective against any big or small enemy, especially phantoms. She's got great crowd-control, and range too. A very fun character to play on any difficulty; a 'must have' on biotic teams.

Second Answer:
meh-N7SNovaguard. A thrill to play. Indeed it's a challenge to play him on his own, but whenyou get a skillful team behind him he will show you what this game really has to offerin terms of teamplay, synergy, coordination. Truly rewarding... provided you'rehosting.


First Answer:
I really don't have a favorite, there are so many fun kits. Lately, my most frequently played kits are Cabal, Sexbot, Vorcha Hunter, Krogan Sentinel... seriously, the list goes on.

Second Answer:
PapaJesterDear Penthouse, I never thought it would happen to me...Anyway, my favorite character is the Volus. Because the Randomizer tells me so. Ican only play Volus now. Always Volus. Forever Volus. There is no Dana, only Volus.


My fave character is the Krogan vg (though I have many very close to it, but you
know... pick one).

Krogan stand their ground, with high health and powerful shields. The Kroganvanguard is exactly what you'd expect a Krogan to be in any battle: right in themiddle of the monsters. Very hard to kill because of biotic charge as well as theirextra protective barrier. There's just no stopping these... Well, except for sync kills.

pax (cabron5)

My favorite character is Geth Soldier, with excellent shield recharge, and with a flamer that burns long. What's more, I reload my shotgun while the flamer works it magic by hitting the flamer as soon as I empty the magazine, thus saving time.


I like playing all the characters really, aside couple 2 i won't mention(play them also, but trully dislike em!), so i'll go by numbers taking a look at my CP to find out what's most played. Havok!!! interesting, wouldn't guess.

But my impession is vanilla Human Soldier, something that can't be measuerd that way. And my most fun way (possibly not best performing obviously) of playing him is Winter Soldier - Cryo Ammo with Assault rifles/Concussive Shot 5a.


My favourite class is probably the N7 Paladin. He's an excellent all round class, he's
the ultimate in snap freeze technology. He's very effective against the sentient
toasters (Geth) and most bosses, plus his shield makes me think of Steve Rodgers
aka Captain America


First Answer:
Favorite Character: Alliance Infiltrator Unit (i suppose), Why? Because she's an in-your-face tank with well-planned instant revives.

Second Answer:
Who is my favorite character ... per 2020 N7 day challenge... Probably HumanAdept. Why: She kills stuff.


Favourite character: Human infiltrator, because I find the rhythm of the class to be relaxing.


My favorite character is the geth trooper soldier , the reason i like him is because he can burn things.


The character ive been playing the most recently and having the most fun with is the human infiltrator with a widow. i always try to go for headshots and this build is very unforgiving for when you miss, and highly rewarding for when your aim is on point and crack heads left and right.


My favorite character is the Asari Valkyrie Sentinel. I love her mobility and her power combo’s.


I love so many characters but my favorite is N7 Fury. Of all characters she has highest risk highest reward. She is the in face character, but unlike Valkyrie, she can also do chain of biotic explosions from safe distance afar as her dark channel can jump from one target to another. Her outfit is amazing, reminds me of Kasumi a lot. She is capable of moving fast on the field by going through solid objects. And to many unknown, Fury's light melee gives her damage reduction, and it also stun locks targets allowing her aura to kill over time. Light melee can be used to even gain immunity to Banshee's sync kill, so she can be locked in place, allowing your team to kill banshee from safe distance away, while at same time increasing all your squad's damage to Banshee. Even Asari can be jelly of Fury's biotic power.


As some may already know, my favorite character are the Volus, but my personal favorite is the Protector Vanguard. Unlike the other more passive Volus classes, this one has a very "in your face" gameplay, and as the name suggests, he can really protect well his team and dart through the entire map with Biotic Charge to aid his allies. Feels really good to be able to enable your teammates to do awesome plays and keep them alive while contributing for the fights as well (instead of just spamming Shield Boost).


The Geth Engineer is my favourite. From Mass Effect 1 they were mysterious and cool, and you learn they are more complex than first impressions. The Engineer is my kind of playstyle, versatile, support and a solid choice in any situation. Add in the pew pew Geth Plasma Rifle and suddenly the former threat is your greatest ally. Thanks!


My favorite multiplayer character is Turian Cabal Vanguard because she is tanky,
mobile and has good crowd control.


My Favorite would be the Turian Ghost Infiltrator,
I just like the look of this guy the way he moves on the Battlefield and of course
Overload to stagger all the Mooks. You can use any Assault Rifle on him really but i
prefer the Saber on this guy and just zip arround and shoot em from a distance till
they drop .
And Stimpacks are just free Ops Packs really..


My favourite character at this moment is probably the Quarian Male Infiltrator. I'm a
big fun of weapon- and combo-oriented gameplays and he faciliates both in a unique
way to all infiltrators, providing a power that detonates on demand, immediately and
without fail, on top of huge and wide direct damage without target cap if used
correctly. Tactical Scan can give awareness or an immense debuff on targets worth
of that depending on how you spec it, the cloak is great and self-explanatory.
Overall, a powerful and well-rounded kit. And he's also a quarian, one of my favourite


Favorite character would have to be the Vorcha Sentinel. As if his Grab animation and Screaming wasn't enough, His immense combo abilities to trigger while on cooldown with his grenades make him a formidable addition to any team.


My favourite Class is the Batarian Soldier. The amount of pain and misery he can
deal on groups of enemies is unreal. Inferno grenades to cover a large area with fire
and his trusty wrist mounted ballistic blades can stagger an enemy, TWICE, and
bleed them out. Couple that with a Harrier, of which is excellent on him since he has
the spare ammo capacity bonus, and you have a very efficient killer. He may not be
the best solder but he's certainly my favourite. Fire and Forget is the style. Throw
'nades, fire blades, walk away and let the kill feed do the talking.


My favorite Mass Effect characters are geth, and I came to ME3MP precisely for
playing geth chars. But my most favorite and my "signature" one is Geth Infiltrator
with Javelin sniper rifle. Playing ME3MP is mostly about stories for me than about
shooting, and here is a story of my GI Javelin. Before meeting Shepard, Legion
traveled across the galaxy, searching for Shep. His platform had a Tactical Cloak
module, but after getting a hole on Eden Prime, this module was disabled. He used
only his Geth Shield Booster. Much later, when he met Shepard and they became
the best friends, after his sussessful "resurrection" on Rannoch, he got a new sniper
rifle. It was Javelin, he collected it on Rannoch. Then, Tali helped him to restore his
TC module and to fix his platform, removing the hole. Shepard asked him to not to
risk his life again, bcs he already did his hardest work, saved his people and helped
her to bring peace on Rannoch... but he refused. Now, he just helps his friends, and
the Javelin is always with him.


Well my fav character was the plain soldier, pretty decent perks. But for special
ocassions I like to play sentinel characters because there are plenty of combinations
possible and I just looooovvvvveeee explosions.


For N7 Day, my favorite multiplayer character in Mass Effect multiplayer is the
Krogan Vanguard. Get a light shotgun, slap on an omni blade, and then tear through
the geth on every Gold game and below. The Hype Train cannot be stopped.


My favorite Mass Effect character is Geth Trooper Soldier because it makes
everything so easy and unchallenging. It allows me to get some steam off after a
hard day and murder melt all of them damn enemies so quickly that I experience
immense orgasmic pleasure. Especially if one equips him with a reegar, although I
must admit the M-300 Claymore make for a much more beefy and enjoyable sound
(a little heavy tho). I hope this answer is detailed enough and will be sufficient to
qualify for N7 Day Challenge.
A thousand voices in Cross' head whispering CHEESE! CHEESE CHEESE! YOU


It's maybe not the most exciting one, but I'd argue it'd be the Quarian Female Infiltrator. I got her quite early when I started playing and I've just stuck with her since then out of habit. She might not have a whole lot of noteworthy things compared to some other characters, might be a bit squishy and doesn't have the best crowd control, but she has enough for me to handle any situation by myself, and with how long I've been playing her I just kinda default to her in most circumstances since I know her limits and how to play her effectively for my playstyle. Also I guess I have a bit of headcanon by now to back her up as well.

In a nutshell though, Duration Cloak keeps her safe, Sabotage staggers for easy headshots and gets hackable enemies off my team's back for a couple of moments, Sticky Grenades make tissue paper out of most armoured enemies, Acolyte strips shields/barriers, and the sniper rifle (Viper on bronze/silver, Widow on gold/platinum until I get the Black Widow) handles everything else with relative ease. Headshots for days.


My favorite character is Asari Adept because Embrace Eternity and Bio boom.


krogan vanguard
take a wraith and cyclonics and you'll live through just about everything while still
being able to do great work


First Answer:
Trying to pick a single favorite character is difficult and it is like trying to pick your favorite child, but I'll choose the Turian Soldier because all Turians are good at everything and can make almost every weapon viable. A close second would be the Turian Cabal cause she can zoom around and shoot poison ballistic blades and doesn't afraid of anything.

Second Answer:
My favorite ME3MP character is a tough one to answer, considering my ADD natureof playing this game. But I always like falling back to the Cabal Vanguard when I'mnot sure what to play. Her hit-and-run guerilla combat, ability to be both a power andweapons platform, and how you can give her really any weapon kind of fits myplaystyle.


First Answer:
Favorite multiplayer character is the Krogan Adept, because he's fast, tanky, and destructive.

Second Answer:
"My perfect Sunday..." sorry, wrong gag. My favorite character is still the KroganAdept. Tanky, fast, especially with Adrenaline 3 (preferred for my Plat KroDept), andextremely hard hitting. Venom on him is chef's kiss


I love the Geth Infiltrator. I love zooming around the map, showing up where I'm not
expected, blowing the ever loving crap out of something, then disappearing and
racing off somewhere else. And with the paint job he looks like a bright green
Lambo. ^_^ The proxy mine debuff + tac cloak buff + hunter mode accuracy just
makes him sing.

Lord 0f Bricks

My favorite character is probably my N7 Paladin. He is by far my most used one, and
I am most confident with him. Snap freeze is my favorite power in the game. His
shield is great for on the fly tanking and yeeting mooks across the map is glorious.


I think N7 Slayer will always be my favorite. I'd consider him the highest risk character, sacrificing shields but without the iframes of the other vanguards. Very high power damage if you can stay safe, and using the Talon you can fire Phase Disruptor at the normal speed while playing off host (essentially getting the combined DPS of both). Sadly restricted to mostly defensive play on platinum, and while the sword DR is nice if you get into a pinch it's not great for damage, and heavy melee is a very specific finisher. He kills bosses surprisingly fast with incendiary + power amp, and murders dragoons super hard.


My favorite character to play is the salarian infiltrator! He's the character I'm most
comfortable playing with in gold and plat and I also enjoy sniping. I'm still working on
my aim but I enjoy getting headshots and one day I'll be better than stinky OnO


my favorite character is N7 Shadow infiltrator because i like how fast she can go
with melee attacks, spent about 3000 hours with this character, and while at it i have
discovered some more untraditional sword attacks/combos for light melee, some of those are very hard to do, so with that i have developed a more unique playstyle for the N7 Shadow.

example video clips:
Light Melee faster combo - demo 1
and Light Melee faster combo - demo 2


Krogan shamman, i love big fat mele spellcasters with a shotguns


I have like 5 different favourite characters, so it's hard to choose one for me. But I think I'll go with fat Turian Sentinel. He's got everything you need. Warp - great power and debuffer. Plus you can cheese it with incendiary glitch. Overload for shields and staggering mooks, plus lovely tech explosions. Tech armor for protection and damage boost. Passives are superb, as on every fat Turian. No dodge is not a problem coz he's very tanky and can forgive many mistakes. Play Turians, they are good.

SiLent N7S

It's an odd one. but, my favorite character that I enjoyed doing and had some really
good times with for fun. The Drell Vanguard using the N7 Valiant. Charge, Cluster
groups. Snipe anything possible. moving around like a mad man. It was a fav of mine
when the Valiant came out, my early years of doing solo's like bronze and silver. just
having a blast. Using Warp Rounds. Snipe Amps. and probably Power Amp with
Nade Capacity mixed in.


I'll go with the Drell Adept. It almost always end in chaos but I don't mind love that.
Cluster Nades and Reave are a very fun (and also powerful) combo and all of that
while running around like a headless chicken. When I started playing ME3, I
would've gone with the Kroguard as it was the only kit I played for a long time. Then,
I discovered the TSent and he became my go to kit. By now, though, I enjoy a bit of
chaos and rambo style and the Drell with the Venom is perfect for that :p And all that
with a fine looking trench coat


My favorite character to play with is the Turian Sentinel, That's because is the
koolest chap in the block and has the guts (and the scalp) to handle the Lancer.
Quite the mean lad, with the reach and the flexibility for every occation.


My favorite character has changed over time as I kept trying different builds. But
when all's said and done, my favorite character has to be the Phoenix Adept.
Singularity is an awesome power - primes/detonates/AoE. Lash is by far the most
fun power in the game. And smash can prime/detonate and is quite hard-hitting that
he doesn't have to rely on combos. And I enjoy the CQC nature of the character. The
heavy melee is quick, has decent damage and AoE, which is always a plus.
It took me a while to warm to this character but once I did, there was no turning back.


Drell Assassin. Infiltrators and Engineers are two of my favourite classes in the game
and Assassin while being an Infiltrator has a bit of Engineer in him. Recon Mine is
one of my favourite abilities in the game, it has good damage, great stagger,
provides extra vision and super strong debuffs, and on drell you can just spam this
crazy utility beast making it even more versatile. On top of that Assassin has good
passives, I love the 30% headshot bonus on him since most of the time I use sniper
rifles on his kit, and drells are among the very few characters on whom I go for full
fitness for the sweet 20% extra speed. All in all, he is my favourite and probably my
best character, he was always my go-to choice to have a go at new difficulties before
I was confident enough to play multiple characters on any of them.


My favourite and also most played character in MP is the Asari Huntress. I really like
how she's got hard-hitting single-target powers and I often play her as a "pick class".
Her cloak allows for a lot of sneaky subterfuge and in helping fallen squadmates
which is a huge plus. I also use the Carnifex as her primary weapon because it's
pretty much the gun version of her. She's got pretty much everything I'd want in a MP


many people probably think that my favourite character is the vorcha (sentinel) and i
think they're right for thinking so. he is super cool and cute and deserves rights. but
my favourite character i have to say is the human female vanguard. she was one of
the first characters i learned to play for multiplayer, and i think she embodies me very
well: loud, demands your attention, and always dies in the middle of a billion
enemies. im not great with her so i wont provide a build (many others can do it for
me). all i can say is that she's a lot of fun, and a character that will always remind me
of my first few days venturing out into the world of mass effect 3 multiplayer.


My fav character is the Paladin. I love the snap freeze, the combos, and the sound of
the cryo explosions. He is tanky and can manoeuvre quite well. But my favourite
class is engineers. All of them are good. Most played are the volus, the quarian and
the human.
With adeps I'd go with the drell, with infis the huntress. Vanguards, the Slayer. I hardly play any soldier, but if I do, it is usually the vorcha.


There are three characters that compete for my favorite, but I choose the Asari Valkyrie Sentinel because there's a story behind it that relates to this group. From its introduction, I never really "got" the Asari Valkyrie Sentinel. Tried a number of different builds with various weapons to no avail. None of the videos I watched or anything I read about the character helped. She just didn't make sense to me. One day, I'm looking through Solo Stories, and the first video I watched was what Avina had posted. Seeing that and the accompanying build, a light bulb went off as I finally understood how to play her. The Asari Valkyrie Sentinel became one of my favorites as well as one the characters I play the best. On this N7 day, it makes me sad thinking that I'll never get an opportunity to thank her for showing me how to play the character.


ME3MP favorite character: Quarian Male Engineer Here are the few things that make him a favorite for many: He can strip shields and he can burn, he has an answer for the mooks and the bosses alike, and he can work with most weapons. Here are the few things that make him a favorite for me: He's a quarian who wields a geth weapon requires no aim, he dresses in Kal'Reeger's colors and I call him Jayne

Kigurumi Kalina

For Mass Effect 3, I have three main favourites. The first is the Asari Justicar for when I'm more in the mindset of protecting my team, due to her Biotic barrier field. When I'm more in the mood for hitting with squad primed biotic explosions, I have the Awakened Collector and their Seeker Swarms. And for when I just need good, old-fashioned weapon firepower, I can always rely on the N7 Destroyer to act as a mobile tank with the frag grenades and Devastator Mode to augment my weapons.


Krogan Soldier: "HA, THEY'RE DEAD" Vorcha Sentinel: "I'M ALIIIIIIIIIVE"


Volus Adept. I find this guy incredibly flexible - whatever weapon you want to run, put it on the volus adept and you'll do just fine. The character fits in weapon-heavy, biotic or tech teams effortlessly. Stasis makes for a great control power, biotic orbs are a surprisingly powerful tool, especially when using the expose evolution. The short stature of volus characters opens up safe spots in maps unavailable to other species. Add to that the volus abilities of cloak, defensive stance and shield boost and you have a very happy Snowch. The terrified voicelines when a volus calls out incoming enemies are a big plus too.


I'm going to cheat a bit and pick 2. Surprise surprise, both are quarians. First up, Quarian Male Engineer. The pyromaniac. Good damage, good crowd control, good survivability even without cyclonics. Arc grenades are best grenades, incinerate is both a primer and detonator and can cheese incendiary ammunition and tac scan is a very underrated debuff. Although I personally choose to opt out of scan in favor of full fitness so I can take power amplification mods instead of cyclonics. Good burst damage, good sustain damage and bonus style points for being a quarian! Second is the Quarian Marksman Soldier. Simplicity in its finest. You get no stun power, no shield stripping abilities, no grenades, no wallhax and no damage reduction or other powers that help boost survivability. You get nothing and you like it! You shoot well or you die. Also if you are a hipster and like characters that very few people play- you're going to be very happy with this lad. And, of course, bonus style points for being a quarian!

Lord 0f Bricks-N7S

Id say my favorite character for powers has to be the Paladin Sentinel. His powers just synergize so well together as well with other tech characters. For gunbased, id have to go with the Geth Infiltrator. It is by far my favorite infil. Hunter mode, proxy mine, and his dodge are just perfect for me.


Batarian Soldier Inferno Grenades! Shotguns! Wrist mounted spike launcher! One punch man/falcon punch! And harpoons! Blade armor - ultimate counter ability to Marauder shield's elbow! Bleed damage, burn damage, torture your enemies, of course! Have one, have a few and try one, try them all! Blowtorch and Corkscrew! Second Fav, a distant second... Turian Soldier You can take a Schimitar to Platinum and objectively contribute to a winning campaign. You might even get first place if you correctly farm kills on mooks.


My first favorite Mass Effect 3 character is the geth infiltrator with the javelin. Sniper builds tend to be my strongest in all shooters, and this build is the best pure sniper in the game. It deals tons of damage, it is maneuverable, and the hunter mode with double piercing on my javelin means no enemy is safe from me on the field of battle. No enemy type is significantly stronger against this character than any other as ground troops get killed in one shot, stronger enemies like phantoms die with one well-placed shot, and almost all bosses die with only a handful of shots. In all, it is super fun and super destructive. My other favorite character is the N7 paladin with the M-77 paladin. The trio of powers that this character has are amazing. The combination of snap freeze, incinerate, and energy drain is both versatile and destructive. The snap freeze and incinerate combination in particular is what makes this character so powerful. The paladin pistol is the icing on the cake as it is powerful enough to drop most enemies quickly, yet light enough that it won’t interfere with cooldowns. Like the geth infiltrator, the paladin sentinel is super fun and super destructive.

e debs

My favorite character is the Drell Adept. It’s the first character I topped a Gold scoreboard with and took to my first Platinum game. Reave +Cluster grenade is a great combo for crowd control, and Reave’s damage reduction allows me to use power amps for max damage. I especially enjoy CQC with captain-level / sub-boss types. Reave-nade to a Dragoon’s face for an insta-kill is very satisfying, and playing a CQC-style eliminates the uh, unpredictable nature of how cluster grenade shrapnel pieces tend to travel. 3 points in pull for nippy husks/abombs, barrier-less Phantoms, and Guardian shields. Throw in the Drell speed and style plus a Hurricane for a fun time.


i've a top 3 of favorites characters,
At the bottom of this list i'm putting the Turian Saboteur Engineer, i'm enjoying this class, i've different play style with Him and i'm still trying something new sometimes.
silver medal will go to Cabal Vaguard, i've played her a lot, first with N7 hurricane and no Biotic focus, now i've moved on Talon pistol and biotic focus. i love Poison in almost all games and here you can get fire explosion too... so it's perfect.
gold medal will go both to Ghost and Havoc turians, different play style from the two character below them. they're so much tanky. i love that with the N7 Typhoon they can handle an atlas alone without running away, i used them for my first gold with pugs and for my first platinum here on the server. nowadays Ghost doesn't have N7 Typhoon anymore, but the Havoc and the N7 Typhoon will be always my signature

Twilight Researcher

"I would say that among the classes in the game, the one that I enjoy the most and the ones that I fall back to are the ones that I would pick. In which case, I would say that it would fall to the Collector Adept, Male Quarian Engineer, and Turian Sentinal, but I’ll specifically pick the first and last ones for this selection. In regards to fun value, the Collector Adept has a lot to offer with biotic explosions galore. A great toolkit with aerial priming and damage with Dark Sphere, damage reduction and active detonations with Seeker Swarm, and active DOT with Dark Channel, make him a very fun toolkit to play with. On top of that, his active mobility when dodging in addition to his bonus damage to Collector and Prothean weaponry make him versatile in builds. You could run him as a caster with the Collector SMG, or a soldier build with the Prothean rifle or any of the other Collector weapons. A great combination. The Turian Sentinel is my old reliable though. A toolkit built around reliable use. Tech Armor for standard defence. Overload for stripping shields, and a Warp field for busting barriers and armor. The quintessential Sentinel loadout, and perfect for any screwing around build. Always a favorite."

MEA Answers


Human Guardian. He has blink/phase dodge, allowing me to quickly traverse towards allies that require assistance, making his shield boost easy to reach them, or simply to get himself out of the danger. He has warp to detonate elemental ammo or ally's powers, which also debuffs enemies. For my ME3 answer it was N7 Paladin because of his omni shield. But the Human Guardian has the biotic shield - Backlash, which is far more superior to Paladin's omni shield, as it allows mobility and reflecting damage back to the attackers. I do miss the omni shield slaps though! But Human Guardian makes it up with his healing melee stick Kett Carfalon. Human Guardian also has unique armor and has a personal mini-story background associated with Human Commando, an honorable mention that I almost picked for this answer (Sorry Human Kineticist, you are third). While not as deadly as N7 Paladin, Human Guardian is the most related to N7 Paladin and adds more roles to the table, it is always nice to see a player who rolls Guardian and protects me from danger, and I like to do that for others too. I also used him in one of the runs of this N7 Day event. Thus my obvious choice is Human Guardian.

Kigurumi Kalina

As for Mass Effect Andromeda, it goes to the Asari Duelist, hands down. I dunno what it is with me and Justicars (or in the duelist's case, a former one), but I REALLY love the way she handles. I just seem to mesh with her Vanguard playstyle better than the Vanguards in Mass Effect 3, and her Charge seems to work much better for me with increased damage resistance and additional barrier restoration. Then a quick swipe with the sword, a blast in the face with a shotgun and they're usually dead. Then I can throw up a Backlash aegis to protect me just long enough to Charge again, zipping around the battlefield from one target to another. Plus, she has Lance to not only trigger biotic combos with others, but also to trigger my Biotic Warrior buffs in an emergency should Charge be insufficient in the moment 1


Squad1 ME3: SenorZanahoria, pisangthepingie, Onomatopoeia-N7S, RedLightning-N7S

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Squad2 ME3: heLLion-N7S, Onomatopoeia-N7S, yvetteeeeeee-N7S, RedLightning-N7S

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Squad3 ME3: pisangthepingie, meh-N7S, CrazyBiker-N7S, RedLightning-N7S

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Squad4 ME3: TheNightSlasher-N7S, SenorZanahoria, ExLo05-N7S, meh-N7S

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SenorZanahoria video: London Platinum
meh-N7S video: London platinum

Squad5 ME3: Ody-N7S, RedPanda-N7S, Mitnick107, RedLightning-N7S

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Squad6 ME3: Ody-N7S, RedPanda-N7S, Arhangeo-N7S,KadanZeli-N7S

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Squad7 ME3: Ody-N7S, RedPanda-N7S, Never Good Enough, bialakawa

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Squad8 MEA: Ody-N7S, laxximus-N7S, SlydenPro, NikopolRey

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Squad9 ME3: bialakawa, David29-N7S, JadeDragonMTR, N7 KURRUPT

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Squad10 ME3: Parag, Draxonn, TheNightSlasher-N7S, RedLightning-N7S

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Squad11 MEA: Ody-N7S, Athlov-N7S, Kahoucta, Tibilich

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Squad12 ME3: yyrael, Parag, Tentwen, Twilight Researcher

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Squad13 ME3: LidsVids-N7S, JadeDragonMTR, Ridgeghost06, TheNightSlasher-N7S

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Squad14 ME3: laxximus-N7S, Parag, trigg-N7S, ExLo05-N7S

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Squad15 ME3: ConsensusVox-N7S, Shady-N7S, SnowChickenLord-N7S, iThug (YAROSLAV)

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Squad16 ME3: JadeDragonMTR, TheNordicEagle, Shady-N7S, ConsensusVox-N7S

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Squad17 ME3: bialakawa, David29-N7S, Shady-N7S, ConsensusVox-N7S

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Squad18 ME3: prince-N7S, Xarlez, Shady-N7S, ConsensusVox-N7S

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Squad19 ME3: Vormav-N7S, Twilight Researcher, Shady-N7S, ConsensusVox-N7S

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Squad20 ME3: SiLenT N7S, MidnightTheOx, e debs, Lord 0f Bricks-N7S

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Squad21 ME3: SiLenT N7S, Harbinger-N7S, Lord 0f Bricks-N7S, Badger-N7S

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Squad22 ME3: SiLenT N7S, Kigurumi Kalina (Xbox gametag), Lord 0f Bricks-N7S, Badger-N7S

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Squad23 ME3: SiLenT N7S, Badger-N7S, Lord 0f Bricks-N7S, Nairb1997

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Squad24 ME3: SiLenT N7S, Badger-N7S, Lord 0f Bricks-N7S, N7 Vermin

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