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Author: N7S Community

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N7 Day community event starts on 7.Nov.2024. 00:00 UTC and ends on 14.Nov.20
24. 00:00 UTC.

Send your recorded challenge videos to our Discord server in the #n7squad-activities forum channel under the N7 DAY post within the time period marked above. Completing this Event will reward everyone in the squad with the server tag @N7 Day.

N7 Stripe.jpg

Welcome - and happy N7 day to you!

The N7 Squad wishes everyone on the discord a happy November 7th, and is reopening the N7 Event once more. This event is our way of celebrating love for the Mass Effect universe and paying homage by crafting exciting multiplayer missions with N7 characters and weapons.

To our new players: hello there and thank you for celebrating N7 Day with us! If you’re trying this as something out of your comfort zone, don’t worry—take your time and have fun. To our returning players, we’re glad that you’re back for more and can’t wait to see how you’ll fare this year.

To participate, simply find a squad on #lfg-me3mp or #lfg-meamp channels and complete the event within the eligible time period. Successful participants will have their run(s) uploaded to the N7 Squad website, and a new achievement role will be added to their discord profile: "N7 Day." 

Remember: this exclusive event is only available between 00:00 of November 7th to 00:00 of November 13th, Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

As part of the tradition, we want to ask our successful participants: “who is your favorite Mass Effect Multiplayer Character, and why?” Send us your answer in the #n7squad-activities forum channel under the N7 DAY post—share your strategy, weapon and equipment pairings, color schemes, headcanons — anything you want to say about your favorite character! For inspiration, you can scroll down below and look at some of the responses from previous years.

We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy the games ahead. Happy N7 Day, and we’ll see you on the battlefield.

N7 Day 2023 Message
N7 Day Message 2022
N7 Day Message 2021
N7 Day Message 2020

Humanity faced its darkest hour the day the Reapers invaded the Sol system. In the midst of that darkness, humanity's greatest hero rose, ultimately managing to lead the galaxy to a united victory over impossible odds. That hero was Commander Shepard, whom we are proud to call the greatest N7. Now, 20 years have passed. Humanity must remain prepared to face threats as great as those we faced in the past. For who knows what lingers in the dark void of space? In honour of and inspired by Shepard's great sacrifice, the greatest of Earth's heroes come together once more in this ultimate N7 training challenge. Show the Galaxy mankind still has that fire. Show the Galaxy the N7 program continues to honour the legacy of Shepard and all others who paid the ultimate price. This scenario will be based in a live fire environment with powerful AI able to replicate the enemies Shepard and the Normandy's crew faced 20 years ago. Fight and become the legends you were born to be. You Are N7.

N7 Day Event Story

                                           - RULES of the N7 DAY EVENT -

This is a vanilla event, the only allowed mods are:

Rules for everyone in the Squad:

  • Play different N7 Characters from each other. This is full team event, 4 players.

  • Use N7 Weapons. N7 Weapons are weapons that have "N7" in their name. You can use same N7 weapons as your squadmates.

  • Complete Firebase London Collectors Platinum with Full Extraction.

  • Play and submit videos within the time frame marked above.

  • Optional: At #n7squad-activities forum channel under the N7 DAY post, answer the question after submitting your run: "Who is your favorite Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Character and why?"

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