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Author: N7 SQUAD

The N7S Graduation Event is the final phase that a candidate must complete to achieve official N7S Membership in our community. A candidate can be invited to this event by any N7S member. If the candidate accepts, he/she will participate in this challenge with existing N7S members, who will join to assist and evaluate the candidate's skill in-game. The candidate may choose a squad to run a graduation event with. Only one game is required to graduate, but if the candidate graduates in both ME3 and MEA, they are rewarded with community achievement @N7 Pathfinder in our Discord Server. We invite our graduates to add the -N7S tag to their usernames/gamertags -- anyone that wears the -N7S tag acts as a symbol of our community.


Player skill is the last requirement; we are looking first and foremost for friendly, non-toxic, non-elitist players who enjoy Mass Effect as much as we do, and who are active enough to spark our attention. However, skill and game knowledge are also important aspects, so that players may lean on us when they wish to learn more and become better players themselves. To learn more about N7S Rank click here.


Those who became N7S members before this event was created have been grandfathered-in. If they choose to, they may complete the Graduation Event to add their graduation to the table below.

All players who wish to acquire official N7S Membership and are not using the PC or Xbox platforms may earn that membership through the Grandfathered method, i.e. they must complete any 3 N7S Challenges marked with the N7 Squad logo
click here, with anybody they want.


This is a vanilla event, the only allowed mods are:

Rules for everyone in the Squad:

  • Play a different character from your squad members. Play a different character between the rounds.

  • Use different weapon category between rounds (example: do not use a Sniper Rifles more than once).

  • Use different Equipment Bonus between rounds (example: do not use Cyclonics more than once).

  • Do not repeat same map or same enemy. N7 Weapons are weapons that have "N7" in their name.

  • Difficulty is always platinum. Three Waves Medal and Full extraction is required in every round.

  • This event can be ran as duo, trio, or full Squad. Squad players must remain same across entire event.

The variation and increase in difficulty allows us to better see how you perform under different circumstances. Waves Survived medals are also required, as this is not test for a solo, but actual team work, where we need to protect each other. Submitted videos must include lobby information on weapons and equipment used by all players in the lobby in every round. Rounds do not have to be completed in order/in succession.

Vanila Arena.jpg


  • Complete a Platinum game with your squad.

  • Characters, weapons, equipment, map and enemy is decided by your squad.

  • It cannot match with Round 2 and Round 3.

  • Three waves survived medal and full extraction required.

Bioware The Team.jpg


  • Complete a Platinum game with your squad.

  • Characters, weapons, equipment, map and enemy is decided by the candidate.

  • It cannot match with Round 1 and Round 3.

  • Three waves survived medal and full extraction required.

N7 SQUAD.jpg


  • Complete Vancouver Collectors Platinum game with your squad.

  • Use different N7 Characters, different N7 weapons, any equipment.

  • It cannot match with Round 1 and Round 2.

  • Three waves survived medal and full extraction required.

  • Have fun :)

This is a starting round to honor the old way of becoming N7S. This is how the very first N7S members came to be: Platinum difficulty for us, at the time, was considered something way above our skill level. The only reason we dared to push for it is that we had each other. The key to success is teamwork. Allowing your fellow players to lean on you until they are ready to stand on their own. This is the  key to building a relationship between players and skill in any game as well as life itself. Know that the reason we invited you to N7S Graduation is that we recognized these traits within you, and we would be honored if you would officially mark your entry to N7S Membership.

Heart and Soul   


There is no greater gift to us, than when someone accepts our invitation and goes through this Graduation event. In this round, we play by your rules, by the requirements you set for us. This graduation was not designed to test you alone, but also your fellow N7S. Thus, if we expect you to play what we have in store for you, it is only fair that we play whatever you cook up. To meet you halfway and to congratulate you for coming this far, feel free to be as creative as you wish. It will be a good challenge to keep us in shape, to remind us that we also have to know a wide range of the game's aspects.  With you at our side, we also improve our skills, coordination, strategies, and more. Thank you.



Should you choose to wear -N7S tag in your name you represent our community in public. And while the skill of the game is the last item on this list, it is something that players in public games will notice first. Together, we inspire others into getting better at the Mass Effect games. When they see an N7S in a public lobby they will know they can count on you and that you will do what you can to enrich their Mass Effect multiplayer experience. In this Round, we mark the game with the most difficult enemy, the hardest map, and the characters that symbolize N7. And with it, we welcome you among us.



N7S Roster.png
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