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Event Authors: Community Managers and Assistants


This event starts on Wednesday 14.Feb.2024. at 00:00 UTC and will run till Wednesday 21.Feb.2024. at 00:00 UTC

All completed submissions sent to us in that time period will be rewarded with the Paramour tag or Demon of the Night Winds tag for ME3; with the Sweetheart tag or Black Widow tag for MEA in our Discord Server.

As always, your event progress can be sent to us via Discord in the #n7s-events text channel. For this specific event, please send your video progress within the time period marked above.

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A huge thank you for entering our competition – the “Valentine’s Day Special” couple’s retreat. The results are in: we are delighted to announce that you and one lucky partner of your choice are the winners for the competition! Your amazing prize is a 7D6N holiday-for-two at any of our all-inclusive breathtaking holiday options listed below. Enjoy your first class flight or cruise with the galaxy-renowned “Harby Holiday Enterprises Ltd”, the leading holiday, airlines and cruise company, and winner of the 2185 Best Capital Ship Award. For the avoidance of doubt, our company has NO AFFILIATION with Harbinger or the Reapers. We look forward to harvesting you and your partner and welcoming you to your ascendance!


By accepting this offer, you fully and voluntarily acknowledge that the risks involved in the Valentine’s Day couple’s retreat, including but not limited to capture, injury, death, and/or genetic repurposing, will be borne by your partner and yourself. You both agree to release Harby Holiday Enterprises Ltd (UEN No. 666134447) (the “Reapers”) from all liability relating to risks that may occur during the activity, which may arise from any reason whatsoever, and agree to indemnify the Reapers against any and all claims, actions, lawsuits, damages and judgments, including legal fees, arising out of or relating to any injuries or loss of life suffered regardless of the respective parties negligence and/or active intention to bring about said injuries or loss of life.




  • Enemy: Reapers

  • Difficulty: Gold or Platinum

  • Map: Jade (Sunrise Waterfalls),
              Hydra (Pearl Starfish),
              Goddess (Sacred Temple of Eternal Love),
              Condor (To The Moon and Back)

  • Character: Any

  • Weapons and Equipment: Any

  • Extraction: At least one must survive.
    Scenario1: Both Live (Both Receive Paramour tag, Discord Community Achievement Role)
    Scenario2: One Lives (Lost receives Paramour, Survivor receives Demon of the Night Winds Achievement instead. Demon of the Night Winds can participate in this event with an unlimited amount of partners, with each entry also being a duo run)

  • Achievement Tags are Dynamic, and can be swapped once per year.

Special requirements:

  • The Valentine's Day Event can only be completed by Duo Squads.

  • Players can only have one partner per year (Demon of the Night Winds can have many).

  • Each Duo must get (at least) a Three Waves Survived medal.

  • Each Player is free to use as many missiles, ops packs, and ammo packs as they want. However, medi-gel usage (self-revive) is allowed only on the objective waves (3,6,10). For the non-objective waves, if a Player is downed, their Partner must revive them or they must stay down until the game revies them in the next wave. Medi-gel (self-revive) is not allowed during the Extraction.

  • Upon event video submission, participants need to provide answers to the questions: "If you were in Mass Effect Universe, which Mass Effect character would you romance and why?" This answer does not have to be limited to the list of characters that only Shepard can romance; it can be any Mass Effect character across all the Mass Effect Universe.

Stickers Volus Heartbreaker.png
Happy Mass Effect Valentine's Day.png


Asari Pole Dancer.gif
Krogan Pole Dancer.gif

Who is the special player you want to complete this event with ???

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