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Bachelor Party

Author: yvettee-N7S

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Salarian: I still don't see why we're here. Salarians do not “go to the front lines.” My family doesn’t even have ties to the STG.
Human: Well, it is an all-out war, and that means you get to shoot Reapers with your friends covering your back. End of story.
Salarian: I don't understand. Humans enter un-winnable wars by throwing themselves at the enemy?That makes no sense!
Human: Calm down, man. Don't embarrass me on the battlefield.
Salarian: What do turians do? Do turians do this too?
Turian: I'm just here for the gun.
Salarian: You said that you guys, as my “friends”, are gonna watch my back. We're just platoon mates.
Human: We threw you that bachelor party once!
Salarian: And while I appreciated that, that was because we were bonding over asari!
Human: Just take a look at that, man. A banshee’s just a ‘Reaper-fied’ asari. Everybody likes banshees.
Salarian: But they could kill you in one–! … My word… She is very... exposed. I can appreciate her calling to us with that high-pitched voice, but... I don't have... feelings of... She is a lovely shade of grey.
Turian: Okay, that makes my jaw hurt just watching it, and I have mandibles to open my mouth that way.
Salarian: This isn't as bad as I'd feared. It's actually... I-is it warm in here? Why is her arm so long?
Human: You’re looking at her talons. Banshees have them, and you're going to be impaled by them later on.
Turian: That can't be safe.
Human: Not the point, man!
Salarian: I can understand why I might find banshees attractive, but how can they be attractive to humans too? Like asari, banshees still look just like salarians!
Human: What? They look exactly like us! Banshees are even less like salarians than asari, man.
Turian: You're both wrong. Banshees look just like turians with wires in them. Look at her head-fringe! It’s even spikier now!
Human: Wait, you don't think the Reapers are, like, mind-controlling us to see banshees as attractive, do you?
Turian: Please be quiet. You're going to ruin firefights for me.
Salarian: Well, I suppose just... one more mission couldn't hurt.
Human: Hahaha! That's the spirit!
Turian: As long as I'm not paying for the gun.



Difficulty: Gold/Platinum
⁃ 1 x Salarian Infiltrator/Engineer
⁃ 1 x Human Male Soldier/Battlefield 3 Soldier
⁃ 1 x Turian Marksman Soldier/Havoc Soldier
Map: Firebase Goddess

⁃ 1 x Salarian, Human, and Turian weapon; but the Salarian cannot hold the salarian weapon, the Human cannot hold a human weapon, and the Turian cannot hold the turian weapon.
Enemy: Reapers

Special Conditions:
⁃ This challenge requires video submission.
⁃ Each player must get sync-killed by a banshee at least once.
⁃ No armored compartments.
⁃ Missile usage restricted to objectives and extraction only. You cannot use missiles to save a teammate when they are already in a banshee-grab animation – you can use a missile for other sync-kill animations/to nuke banshees when they are not sync-killing.


Squad1: yvettee-N7S, SenorZanahoria-N7S, TheNightSlasher-N7S video 1 | video 2 | video 3

Squad2: bialakawa, ConsensusVox-N7S, ExLo05-N7S video

Squad3: David29-N7S, trigg-N7S , ExLo05-N7S video 1 | video 2

Squad4: TheNightSlasher-N7S, Vormav-N7S, yyrael-N7S video 1 | video 2

Squad5: eng59land, JadeDragonMTR, Eil-fuers-Bearli video

Squad6: Synthian-N7S, beigoo-N7S, Simulate-N7S video


Squad1: ExLo05-N7S, JadeDragonMTR-N7S, trigg-N7S video 1 | video 2 | video 3

Squad2: RebelATS-N7S, Vormav-N7S, ItsMessenger-N7S video

Squad3: SiLenT N7S, N7 Vermin, e debs N7S video

Squad4: FatBlastoN7/SkinnyBlastoN7, Prof_Boris-N7S, yvetteeeeeee-N7S video

Squad5: SiLenT N7S, travesty scott, e debs N7S video

Squad6: SiLenT N7S, Warcrow, e debs N7S video

Squad7: SteelWolf89, SiLenT N7S, e debs N7S  video

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